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Why we haven’t updated, and what’s coming up:

Why We haven’t updated:

FB – Personal reasons. There was a mass change in the socio-political climate in my country. My parents were holed up in their home for days at one point. This change I’m referring to spaces out over the course of 4 months. While the more serious events took place later on during this change. Unfortunately, I was too busy coordinating with family and friends to actually update.

Ryan – I actually forgot this site existed lol

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What’s coming up:

1 – An article on the misinformation storm surrounding Jeremy Corbyn.

2 – An article on North Korea. It’s history, misconceptions, western propaganda, and other information.

3 – An article on Venezuela, with the same layout as the one above.

4 – An article on the Rohingya crisis.

5 – An article on the Kashmir crisis

6 – An article on Bolivia.

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Corrupt Spanish loser ousted, replaced by corrupt Spanish loser.

Aaaaand We’re back !

Missed us you snowflake cucks?

Course you did you lovable lefty libtards, you ! I bet you just can’t wait to dig into another round of anarcho-Posadist theory and all the mindless wonder that comes with it.

Too bad, cause we’re not in this one. Actually, we’re still pretty busy. So we called up a Spanish comrade ( Franciso Jiminez ) to do a short write up on the Spanish President thing and what that means for leftism in the country. We’re busy with a few articles and personal shit. Quick note, Francisco isn’t a 100% fluent English speaker, so we’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase a lot of what he says. Enjoy ! 

~ Arri.

Spain is currently undergoing a minor national schism. Mariano Rajoy, the man responsible for the horrific and criminal undertakings during the Catalonian referendum epoch, has just been removed from office in a vote of no-confidence. 

This follows a court case where it was found out that his party, the PP, was involved in a serious amount of corruption (and still is as many other parties to be fair). Last week a statement from the judges declared that the PP took a profit-based corruption network.

Using this, the PSOE, the major opposition party within Spain openly stated their desire to have Rajoy removed from office. 

Then the vote was cast.

Then something remarkable happened. All opposition parties, from Basque and Catalonian nationalists to PODEMOS, combined into one voting bloc and voted together to make Pedro Sanchez of the larger opposition party PSOE the new president, all in order to vote out Rajoy.

Now the people of Spain can look forward to at least some minor corrections to their livelihoods


– The repealing of the Gag law, which allowed the government to ban protests and jail protestors, fines for photographing police, social media activism, trying to stop an eviction, smoking weed, and, bizarrely, leaving furniture in the street.

 – The repealing of the sun tax, a tax on solar energy, making it almost impossible to make a transition to renewable energies. Interestingly, this law was put in place to favour the business of Endesa and Iberdrola, the two major Spanish electric corporations. Aznar, former PM with the conservative  PP, the party just voted out of office, is in the board of Endesa and they asked for the law to be set in place. 

 – The repealing of the national TV management rule. The Previous government by Zapatero decided that TVE, a Spanish broadcasting corporation with huge ties to the established classes, should stop being a gov propaganda station so he passed a law to ensure that the Management of RTVE (public TV and radio) would be decided by 2/3 of the Parliament. During those years the news in TVE got very impartial and won several awards, like best TV news program in the world. When Rajoy’s PP got a majority in 2011, one of the first things they did was repeal the law, and then changed the Management of RTVE to close associates. They began staffing the station with party veterans and firing journalists critical of them. Since then it went from somewhat great quality to absolute propaganda garbage. The fall in the share of audience numbers has reflected it, from being one of the top TV channels to being far behind the private ones. The director from RTVE appears in the papers they found for PP’s corruption. He even admited it with pride.

Rajoy himself did not take part in the vote, as he had gone for an 8-hour lunch, which consisted of, get this, 2 fucking bottles of whiskey.

Paid for by his PM card of course.

All this now means is that Rajoy has been booted out of office, and his replacement has been chosen by the grand coalition.

It’s Pedro Sanchez.

[Edit: Editor’s Note: ” We at LeftCentralCom are happy about this, mainly because Pedro Sanchez is just easier to pronounce than Mariano Rajoy ” ~ Arri]

This is nothing to be spectacularly happy about but also not something to be spectacularly sad about either.

Not happy because Sanchez is just as corrupt if not more than Rajoy.

Not sad because it was leftists parties; Catalonian nationalists, and PODEMOS who hold his grip on power by a thread.

They have stated that if Sanchez tries to push in any legislation they disagree with, they woudl actively oppose it and remind him in whose hands his political life is held.

Sanchez is bad news for leftism in Spain because he is a nazi like figure. And I don’t mean that in regards to any specific political views he holds. But because of his use of terminology.

Like Hitler, he uses the term socialist to draw support from the working class and to divide the true socialist vote.

When in fact, he is neither socialist nor leftist.

He, in fact, supported Rajoy in his handling of the Catalonian independence referendum and the constitutional crisis that came after it.

He actively ran against leftist members in his party and was very critical of their policies. 

We can only hope that PODEMOS, a soc-dem party, can garner greater voter intention in the coming time.

But I do have some praise for him in that, he encouraged workers to join labour unions and extended the welfare state.

Hopefully, it will not be all bad.

~  Francisco.

[” Thanks to Francisco for an enlightening piece ” ~ Arri]

[” Is Francisco a soc-dem or what? Does he want the communists in power or not? He supports PODEMOS, but those guys are liberals ”  ~ Ryan]

[” Francisco is of the opinion that a slow shift to the left is necessary rather than a violent tug. With PODEMOS in power, the public will then be given a chance to ascertain the socialist and communist platform. ” ~ FB]


~ Arri, Francisco Jiminez.


All rights reserved ( for the Gulag ).




Lies, lies and a bit of truth (Hah! Just kidding, it’s all lies.)

Honestly, propaganda is a shitty industry. Imagine spreading bs for a group of random elites for a living. Or spending all day knowingly lying on social media/news/whatever the fuck it is you’re on about a group of people you’ll probably never meet. It’s the most day-glow shiesty fuck job ever.

Propaganda comes in all shapes and sizes, from the benign, to the malevolent, to the straight up bizarre, to the obvious, to the “okay, they’re just fucking with us now “.

Take the Syrian civil war for example.

Did assad gas civilians ? Probably. Did the Rebels do some fucked up things ? Probably. Is the US basically funding the rebels and Al Qaeda in order to fuck with Assad’s shit ? Yeah, actually.  

Another spectacular one is the “Russia interfered in the US election” thing. Now, we all have different opinions on the whole Russiagate thing. FB thinks it’s some dumb shit and just a ridiculous ploy by the democratic political machine to sort of excuse the fact that maybe, just maybe, people didn’t like Clinton as much as they thought they would.

Karl Barx refused to comment. The fact that he’s a dog didn’t play into that at all.

And Ryan couldn’t give less of a shit.

As for me, I also just don’t care. 

Let’s be honest. The US was never the fucking pinnacle of democracy and openness. And we’re not just talking about the quadrillion examples of them openly and proudly interfering with the electoral process of almost every country on Earth ( many of whom were interestingly enough only interfered with when they began assuming policies on a leftist level, and one of which, bizarrely, was Russia itself) . We’re including the shitty electoral system they have now. It’s sucks donkey ass. The whole political paradigm in America is a benign cancer on the verge of mutating.

But nothing , absolutely nothing comes close to the political machine of the Israeli right.

From AIPAC, to random kids on the internet, to both dem and rep congressmen, to that shitstain David Horowitz, to those Gatestone losers. They’ve got the propaganda market locked down. These dudes be everywhere.

And reddit is a prime example. The Worldnews subreddit is full to the brim with Hasbara trolls, some that even repeat the same comments on the same thread.

Apologism everywhere, and they’re pretty brazen about it.

Case in point, the Freedom Flotilla Homophobia claim.

During one of the Freedom Flotillas made up mostly of Americans who set out to break the controversial blockade of Gaza, an anonymous gay man named Mark posted a YouTube video, claiming to be shocked by widespread homophobia among those on the flotilla. The Israeli government initially promoted this video; however, it turned out that “Mark” was actually an Israeli actor and the video was tweeted by Guy Seemann, an employee of the prime minister of Israel. Seemann denied that he had posted the video in any official capacity.

It was totally him btw.

Honestly, it seems a little too much, seeing that leftists who counter these arguments don’t seem to have a resourceful background in countering Israeli lies  arguments.

So we decided to go back through our old site and dig through some of our Israel themed posts and write up a whole new one on the biggest and boldest lies from Hasbara shills.


You get this one quite a lot. Usually whenever the article has something to do with Hamas.

They also bring up the Hamas Charter. We might talk about that one later.

Really, the claim isn’t centred on Hamas straight up nabbing Gazans left and right and pushing them 5 metres before them when they’re on the move, then hiding behind them when they’re under fire.

It’s centred on Hamas storing weapons in Mosques, buildings and schools in built up urban areas. Which apparently leaves them subject to Israeli attacks. ( Which is weird, because the IDF’s headquarters, the Kiriya, is in central Tel Aviv, surrounded by a hospital, blocks of flats, shopping centres and offices. )

Now the claim here is that there would be little or no civilian deaths stemming from Israeli carpet bombing these areas if Hamas didn’t actually store them there.

Which is just bullshit. Gaza is a tightly packed urban mess, 3 million people in 25 square miles.

The only other reasoning is that maybe, just maybe, the Israelis might be telling enough pies to make Ang Lee jealous.

See, back in 2006 during one of the quadrillion attacks on Gaza by Israel, they raised the issue that their massacre of civilians was both unintended and due to Hamas placing themselves within reach of civilians. Most people believed it of course, but most people aren’t HRW, which investigated 19 incidents involving 53 civilian deaths in Gaza that Israel said were the result of Hamas fighting in densely populated areas and did not find evidence for existence of Palestinian fighters in the areas at the time of the Israeli attack.

They then investigated 11 more deaths that Israel said were civilians being used as human shields by Hamas. Turns out it was a bunch of Palestinians waving white flags, four of whom were children.

Israel declined to comment.

Now, the claim that Hamas fires rockets at civilians may be true, but that is a rather pitiful attempt to disparage the Palestinian cause. When fighting for your liberation, or when fighting in self defence, isn’t it generally accepted that civilians will die ?

Seems harsh ? That’s the exact excuse the Israelis use. 

During the 2014 conflict, Israel bombed UNRWA schools that they claimed contained weapons and from which Hamas was firing. All of these schools were vacant at the time when rockets were discovered; no rockets were found in any shelters which were shelled.

Human Rights Watch investigation into three of the incidents concluded that Israel committed war crimes because two of the shellings “did not appear to target a military objective or were otherwise indiscriminate”, while the third Rafah shelling was “unlawfully disproportionate”

On April 27, 2015, the United Nations released an inquiry which concluded that Israel was responsible for the deaths of at least 44 Palestinians who died in the shelling and 227 were injured

Let’s actually check some of these schools out for some extra mind fuck.

On 18 July, Beit Shanoun Co-ed A and D school was designated as a shelter, and on 24 July, was hit by “””indirect artillery”””.

[Edit: Editor’s note: ” Sarcasm highly intended ” – FB]

The IDF warned that it was about to target objectives 800 meters from the school. Given the risk, UNRWA decided to evacuate its staff as well. UNRWA stated that they contacted the Israeli CLA and repeatedly requested that a window of opportunity be granted for this purpose, but Israelis being sufficient enough buttholes, declined.

Then the UNRWA told the Israelis that they were staying right there, and not moving an inch. Implying the Israelis shouldn’t fire.

Israel, of course, fired.

The school was hit by artillery fires, resulting in 11 being killed, including seven children, two women, and one UN staff member. Additionally, 110 were wounded, including 55 children and 31 women

Faced with a backlash, Israel held out, saying they didn’t do shit and didn’t fire.

At this point, it would be nice to remind you of the title.

Authorities in Gaza weren’t taking this shit lying down, and straight up refuted those fucknuts.

Left panicking, the IDF carried out an investigation and published the results, and I’m not gonna lie to you, it was desperate.

Reeeal desperate.

They basically claimed that they didn’t do it, but a stray rocket from Hamas may have been responsible.

Now rather suspicious that they may have been lied to, the UN said ” Oh yeah ? Well, we’ll just have our own investigation, with facts and hookers “.

[Edit: Editor’s note. ” The UN did not say this. It would be nice if they did, but unfortunately, they didn’t ” – FB]

Sure enough, UNRWA rejected the IDF’s account, and stated that the initial shell that struck the school was followed by several others within minutes. Kinda ruling out the whole ” stray rocket ” bs.

And of course, the investigation basically confirmed that the Israelis had shelled the school.

Reporters who visited the school shortly after the attack said that the damage and debris that they observed was consistent with mortar rounds, which Israel really shouldn’t be using. Naughty boy.

UNRWA ultimately concluded that the school was hit four times in short succession, and that the Israeli account was “implausible”.

Now stuck in a rut, the Israelis claimed that the Red Cross had been asked to evacuate civilians, but..uh…Hamas…yeah that’s it, Hamas prevented the people from leaving.

HRW found no evidence of Hamas forcing anyone to stay, but not only that, the Red Cross said it received no request from Israel to evacuate.

Several weeks prior to the IDF shelling Jabaila girls school, they shelled the area around it for no particular reason. They then dropped leaflets stating that there was militant activity around the school, as a kind of what I assume to be self defence on the obvious off chance they kill more kids.

The UN then interviewed multiple witnesses who said there was no militant activity in or around the area. 

Confused, the UN sorta ignored it. Basically saying ” a’ight, these guys aren’t stupid enough to do the same shit twice.

At approximately 04:45 on the morning of July 30th, the school was hit by a barrage of four 155 MM high explosive (HE) projectiles, an artillery indirect fire weapon. Between 17 and 18 people were killed and 99 suffered injuries.

This time though, the Israelis admitted straight up that they used mortar shells anD that they hit the school on purpose. But yet again, placed the blame on militants who were present in or around the surrounding area.

A journalist from the NYT who visited Jalabi days after the incident stated that no one they had interviewed had seen “Palestinian fighters or Israeli soldiers in the area… and there were no bullet holes or empty casings suggesting close clashes [in the area].”

At this point, the only thing that could save Israel some face was if they didn’t receive any committed warnings regarding the location of the school.

Except that they had been informed of it 17 fucking times.

Even the Goddamn US, famous for basically cockblocking any real efforts to actually get Israel to own up to being a genocidal piece of shit apartheid state, said ( paraphrasing here), ” Ok, wow, these guys fucked up real bad. “

The whole ” human shields ” charge is infamous for being full of holes in any case.

Following the Muhammad Weil Baroud incident, in which Israel warned a commander that his refugee camp was going to be bombed and that he should evacuate, which lead to said commander not doing that and calling for women to join up with militants, HRW Hamas, stating: “There is no excuse for calling civilians to the scene of a planned attack. Whether or not the home is a legitimate military target, knowingly asking civilians to stand in harm’s way is unlawful.”

Following criticism, Human rights Watch issued a statement saying that their initial assessment of the situation was in error.

They stated that, on the basis of available evidence, the home demolition was in fact an administrative act, viewed in the context of Israel’s longstanding policy of punitive home demolitions, not a military act and thus would not fall within the purview of the law regulating hostilities during armed conflict, which had been the basis for their initial criticism of Hamas.

Growing tired of the longstanding Israeli claim that Hamas fighters were mixing with normal crowds, the UN launched a full scale investigation, culminating in the Goldstone report, which: “found no evidence that Palestinian combatants mingled with the civilian population with the intention of shielding themselves from attack”

Even amnesty thinks this whole ” Hamas uses human shields ” thing is whack.

To add to that, the Israelis extend the initial claim of storing weapons in hospitals and schools to Hezbollah as well, but that shit got shot down fast, with HRW noting: ” The evidence Human Rights Watch uncovered in its on-the-ground investigations refutes [Israel’s] argument…we found strong evidence that Hezbollah stored most of its rockets in bunkers and weapon storage facilities located in uninhabited fields and valleys, that in the vast majority of cases Hezbollah fighters left populated civilian areas as soon as the fighting started, and that Hezbollah fired the vast majority of its rockets from pre-prepared positions outside villages. “

Interestingly enough, most of what was written above was just me laying out basic claims about Hamas using human shields as a policy. I feel it’s time to put into perspective the longstanding Israeli history with the use of human shields, including actual policies.

This shit is so rampant, that even fucking wikileaks got in on the action, releasing cables form the US which summarily called Israel out on it’s bs.

The IDF has been riddled with both claims and instances of using human shields, including one case of tying a boy to the windshield of a car and using him as a bulwark.

In a shakeup for the bizarre, a rabbi was actually arrested for intervening.

Israel’s neighbour procedure was infamous. The IDF banned it, but that hasn’t stopped its troops from repeatedly breaking it.

The neighbour procedure involves Israeli soldiers forcing Palestinian civilians to perform military operations. For example, neighbours of target homes or buildings are called upon to knock on doors, check suspicious objects, and to walk in front of soldiers as the army surrounds its targets.

Course, it’s no longer called the neighbour procedure. Instead, the Palestinians used are referred to as ” johnnies “.

Yeah, we’re not making this up.

Oh and by the way, while the Israeli high court banned the procedure, the IDF actually appealed the decision, claiming it was useful and saved lives.

The IDF not only uses kids as shields, but tortures them while they’re at it, in a revelation that should shock absolutely no one at this point.

After the advocacy group Breaking The Silence released a booklet revealing how many times they (They being BTS. BTS consists of soldiers who’ve had enough of killing kids and stealing land and decided to speak out. We at LCC applaud them for it ) got away with using Palestinians as shields, Haaretz noted that the reactions from the IDF were rather morbid..

With some ranging from: ” There were no human shields in Golani “, ( Ha ha )

To ” There may have been, but they actually volunteered so that their houses would not be destroyed. ” ( lol wut ? )

To ” The officers were acting in what they thought were according to the spirit of the law. ” ( Bitch the fuck ??? )

To ” Some officers don’t yet get the meaning of the prohibition of human shields. ” (………Yeah, I got nothing. Turns out even crude insults can be stunted when faced with supreme shite )

In a twist that actually really should surprise you, Israel admitted to using human shields more than 1200 times. 

Now you might be thinking, why in the fuck would the IDF admit that ? Well it turns out that they thought the number of casualties or injuries sustained from said use would actually make people say ” wtf, I love human shields now “.

No. No it didn’t.

Oh, and remember those wikileaks releases, they pretty much state what should be the norm right now.

In February 2007, footage was released of an incident involving Sameh Amira, a 24-year-old Palestinian, who video showed serving as a human shield for a group of Israeli soldiers, getting inside apartments suspected to belong to Palestinian militants ahead of the soldiers

In another incident during a protest in Hebron, to protect themselves from some fucking stones, the IDF deployed, then promptly forgot to stop deploying, the use of human shields .

Despite banning the neighbour procedure a year before, Israel deployed the use of human shields again in the battle of Jenin.

They did it again when they invaded Beit Hanoun in 04.

During OCL, they forced kids to open bags which they thought might have had EDs.

When they did it again, growing pressure actually forced them to give two soldier who had used young kids as shields the punitive equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

Anyways, let’s move on eh ?

2. Hamas Charter.

Oh wow, didn’t expect that one to pop up this early lmao.

Look, I’ll be honest with you, I actually don’t like Hamas.

We all kinda have separate opinions on them to be honest.

Ryan loves them, and Hezbollah too, but he’s weird like that.

FB disagrees with violent action, claiming it is counter-productive.

Me, I agree with what they’re trying to empirically achieve, vis-a-vis a free Palestinian state not under the occupation of an apartheid regime, but I don’t like their methods or their ideologies.

That said, the Hamas charter is consistently used to undermine the Palestinian struggle with the claim that it states the true goal of Hamas is the eradication of Jews.

At one distant point, this was true, but in more modern times, it’s just another one of the peddled lies zionists love to spew.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal indicated to Robert Pastor, senior adviser to the Carter Center, that the Charter is “a piece of history and no longer relevant, but cannot be changed for internal reasons“. Hamas do not use the Charter on their website and prefer to use their election manifesto to put forth their agenda. Pastor states that those who quote the charter rather than more recent Hamas statements may be using the Charter as an excuse to ignore Hamas.

British diplomat and former British ambassador to the United Nations Sir Jeremy Greenstock stated in early 2009 that the Hamas charter was “drawn up by a Hamas-linked imam some [twenty] years ago and has never been adopted since Hamas was elected as the Palestinian government in 2006”. Mohammed Nimer of American University comments on the Charter, “It’s a tract meant to mobilize support and it should be amended…. It projects anger, not vision.” Ahmed Yousef, an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh, has questioned the use of the charter by Israel and its supporters to brand Hamas as a fundamentalist, terrorist, racist, anti-Semitic organization and claims that they have taken parts of the charter out of context for propaganda purposes. He claims that they dwell on the charter and ignore that Hamas has changed its views with time.

That’s really all there is to it.


I saw this one on Mark Humphrey’s ( spelling ? Actually, you know what, who cares ? Fuck this guy ) blog. For those who know this dude, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible. Guy literally denies genocide and war crimes.

He also has an ” arguments against Socialism/Communism bit “, which we just loved. In a ” wow, how can one man be this wrong about something multiple fucking times ” kinda way.

More relevantly, one of his blog posts centres on whitewashing the Israeli bombings of kids on a Gazan beach by using a, wait for it…..IDF statement.

Despite the fact that journalist who were actually there refuted the statements, and the UN went all fucking out against Israel. Doing nothing constructive though.

Anyway. Another one of his retarded ass claims is the one involving the economy of Gaza.

In case you didn’t know, it’s basically non-existant, except in Humphrey’s case as is the case with quite a few zionist shills, he doesn’t take the time to actually investigate it, no he just straight up blames the Palestinians.

Weirdly, chief among his reasons being that the Gazans let greenhouses go to waste.

Look fam, if you’re under occupation, fucking greenhouses are the least of your worries. That part should have been fucking obvious.

See, what he doesn’t mention is how disastrous Imperialist Israeli policy has been for the Palestinian economy. Palestinian here, referring to Gazan.

Take fuel prices in Gaza as just one example.

All fuel in Gaza is imported at grossly marked up prices; not paying for it is not just a mark of protest against both Israel and the PA, but also likely an economic necessity.

At the height of Gaza’s tunnel economy when Hamas established a makeshift pipeline to bring gasoline in, the cost fell to a quarter of what Israel charged.

Israel can and does ration fuel usage by restricting supply, increasing prices, or both. This process is largely hidden and explicitly designed to punish Gazan civilians and ‘keep them on a diet.’

Then, even people who consider themselves neutral and knowledgeable about the conflict adopt the hasbara and still blame Hamas for not paying a 4x marked up fuel rate to supply a basic living standard that an occupying army – which Israel still is – should be guaranteeing anyway under international law.

Why did they even have a tunnel economy ?

Because of the Gaza blockade by both Israel and Egypt.

Now, Israel says this is necessary because otherwise Hamas could smuggle rockets and weapons, which they have done and rightly so, into Gaza.

The UN disagrees, as does the RC.

But enough about that shit, let’s see how this blockade effects Gaza’s economy.

A Study commissioned by the world bank states that the GDP losses caused by the blockade since 2007 was above 50%, and entailed large welfare losses. Gaza’s manufacturing sector, once significant, shrunk by as much as 60 percent in real terms, due to the wars in the past 20 years and the blockade. Gaza’s exports virtually disappeared since the imposition of the 2007 blockade.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs at various times, Israel has blocked goods including wheelchairs, dry food items, and crayons, Stationery, soccer balls, and musical instruments

International aid group Mercy Corps said it was blocked from sending 90 tons of macaroni and other foodstuffs. After international pressure, Israeli authorities said that they were giving the shipment a green light

Israel was also reported to have prevented aid groups from sending in other items, such as paper, crayons, tomato paste and lentils.

No seriously, it took John fucking Kerry taking a trip to Gaza and saying “ damn, y’all ban pasta  “ ? to get Israel to allow pasta into Gaza.

what was the problem beforehand? What was Hamas gonna poke them in the eye with a dry Macaroni stick? 

And that’s not even the tip of the fusili things they banned.

Because of an Israeli ban on the importation of construction materials such as cement and steel, which could be used to build bunkers for military use by Hamas, the UN Relief and Works Agency started to build mud brick homes

Aid agencies say that food waits on trucks and in warehouses, and many basic items are rejected by Israel as “luxuries” or are turned down for unexplained reasons

“Tin” cans are banned because the steel from which they are made might be used to build weaponry or structures by Hamas, making it hard for Gazan farmers to preserve their vegetables. At one time the only fruit allowed was bananas. Allegedly because the Israeli official owned a banana plantation.

In September 2007, the Israeli cabinet voted to tighten the restrictions on the Gaza strip. The cabinet decision stated, “the movementof goods into the Gaza Strip will be restricted; the supply of gas and electricity will be reduced; and restrictions will be imposed on the movement of people from the Strip and to it.”

Yeah, you read that right. Israel sets a limit on how many calories a Palestinian in Gaza should receive per day.

In October 2010, papers were released which revealed a system to maintain the minimum level of basic goods entering the Strip. It contained upper and lower warning lines, identifying surpluses and shortages of listed products in Gaza

Israel at first denied any major implications of their blockade, however, as usual, they later admitted that the restrictions were partly meant to pressure Hamas by making the lives of Gazans difficult.

Soon, mounting international pressure forced Israel to ease the blockade, allowing certain types of food in. In responseMaxwell Gaylard, UN Deputy Special and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Middle East also criticised Israel, saying “Permitting mayonnaise and potato chips into Gaza is really irrelevant in dealing with the underlying issues. What we need to see is an improvement in Gaza’s water, sanitation, power grid, educational and health sectors. Gaza’s economy is shot to pieces and its infrastructure is extremely fragile.

In fact, the cost of Israeli imperialism to ordinary Palestinians is actually a less known subject, but a critical one, as one study found: “Roughly 30,000 Gazans lost jobs because of last summer’s July-August conflict….The war cost Gaza $200 million in economic losses, causing the Palestinian economy to contract for the first time since 2006, the International Monetary Fund said in late January.”


Poor Tunisia.


Not only is this a pretty racist statement in and of itself, it sorta ignore Israel’s rather unique history with racism.

Like the Time Benjamin Netanyahu sent hundreds of thousands of texts to undecided voters with shit that basically amounted to ” if you don’t vote for me, the Arabs will win”

Likud’s formidable direct-contact machine began sending out text messages, warning that the Arab parties would win a historic victory and join the left in a governing coalition. Basically, they were marrying the Israeli right’s resentment of the left with their essentially racist fears about Arab influence in Israeli society.

Some of these messages were totally false: They warned of Arabs voting at three times their normal rate, a fact supported by none of the polling data at the time. Neither of the Likud strategists Segal spoke to would admit to sending the message, though one of them bursts out laughing in the middle of the interview.

Regardless of the truth, the messages went out in a deluge. “On the final day, over 5 million text messages were sent, and over 1 million voice calls,” Segal reports. “On the last day, all the issues were about one issue only … the Arabs.”

Or how recent studies showed that Israelis post anti-Arab sentiment every 46 seconds on the internet.

Or the infamous revelations of the purposeful administration of contraception of Ethiopian women, without their consent.

Or the multiple special programmes that lead to Ethiopians getting separate but not equal treatment.

Or the time Ethiopian Jews got so sick and tired of that shit, they took a stand and were promptly ignored.

Or the fact that even according to Israel’s laws, in which jews are given citizenship quite easily, Ethiopian Jews are often huddled into refugee camps surrounded with barbed wire.

Or the fact that some Israeli officials dislike black Jews so much that they refer to them as goys and defend deportation.

Or the well known system of discrimination of converts of colour.

Or the time an MK referred to migrants as cancer.

Or the time settlers attacked migrants when they protested harsh discrimination.

Or when birthright planned to cancel an entire trip for Black Jews. 

Or when Israel’s first leaders referred to Arabs as donkeys. 

Or when 52% of Israelis agreed migrants were cancer.

Or when 46% of Israelis said that Arabs should have less rights.

Or when 59% of Israeli teens didn’t want Arabs in their classroom and said they should have less rights.

Or the fact that half of Israelis think ethnic cleansing is a good thing.

Or how every 71 seconds there is a post inciting violence against Arabs published online.


This one annoys me.

So I’ll just list a few Israelis who did the same, because fuck this one.

Eli-Ben Dahan.

Eyal Karim.

Amir Ohana.

The NJ Rabbi union.

This magazine.

Oren Hazan.

Miri Regev. (although not technically her)

Oren again.

This guy.

This lunatic.

These freaks.

These bastards.

Ya get the picture.


This is just plain bullshit.

No, really, a study was done comparing both Palestinian texts and Israeli texts. 

-Israeli texts were found to be rife with Anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian terminology and illustrations, and the Palestinian texts made distinctions between zionists and Jews. 

-In fact, the only problem with the Palestinian textbooks was that they didn’t teach the holocaust, which will probably go on for as long as Israelis don’t teach the Nakba.

Nathan Brown at GWU conducted his own study and found that: “The Palestinian curriculum is not a war curriculum; while highly nationalistic, it does not incite hatred, violence, and anti-Semitism. It cannot be described as a “peace curriculum” either, but the charges against it are often wildly exaggerated or inaccurate…”

We’re gonna quote a large chunk of text which goes into the history of this bs claim just a bit further.

” The first generation of Palestinian textbooks written in 1994, the National Education series, make no mention of any location as Palestinian outside of the territories occupied by Israel in 1967; those books go to some lengths to avoid saying anything about Israel at all and the few exceptions are hardly pejorative. The second generation of books—issued beginning in 2000—breaks some of that silence but with neither the consistency nor the stridency that critics of the textbooks allege.

Then where do persistent reports of incitement in Palestinian textbooks come from? Virtually all can be traced back to the work of a single organization, the “Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace.” The Center claims that its purpose is “to encourage the development and fostering of peaceful relations between peoples and nations, by establishing a climate of tolerance and mutual respect founded on the rejection of violence as a means to resolving conflicts.” Critics charge that the Center’s real purpose is to launch attacks on the Palestinian National Authority, and it would be difficult to contest such a conclusion. They point to the identity of the Center’s first director, Itamar Marcus, to support their suspicions……The Center’s own reports suggest such suspicions are well-founded. The Center began operation by issuing its first report in 1998 on Palestinian textbooks that might best be described as tendentious and highly misleading. When the PNA issued a new series of books for grades one and six in 2000, the Center rushed out its second report that passed over significant changes quite quickly before presenting its allegations of “delegitimization of Israel’s existence,” implicit “seeking of Israel’s destruction,” “defamation of Israel,” and “encouraging militarism and violence.” However, in contrast to the alarm and alacrity with which it studied Palestinian textbooks, the Center’s work on Israeli textbooks showed a far more generous spirit and proceeded at a far more leisurely pace, taking years rather than months. The report on Israeli books followed a very different method: rather than quoting example after example of offending passages with little historical context or explanation (a method that would have produced a very damning report indeed), the report on Israeli textbooks is nuanced and far more careful. Incendiary quotations are explained, analyzed and contextualized in the report on Israeli books; they are listed with only brief and sensationalist explanations in the reports on Palestinian books. In short, the Center is fair, balanced, and understanding for Israeli textbooks but tendentious on Palestinian books…..The Center’s work has been widely circulated: its reports are the source for virtually any quotation in English from the Palestinian curriculum….false statements are rare, though when they do occur they are far from minor. For instance, the Center’s first report on Palestinian textbooks, issued in 1998, included the statement that: “PA TV is a division of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education,” which allowed the report to saddle the Palestinian educational establishment with any statement broadcast on Palestinian television. The statement was false, however. In its second comprehensive report on Palestinian textbooks, issued in 2000 on the new books for the first and sixth grades, the Center claims that “the PA has rejected international calls” to modify books for the other grades. In fact, as will become clear, the plan to replace the textbooks in question was as old as the PNA itself and was proceeding according to a well-published schedule when the Center’s report was issued. Several lesser errors occur throughout the Center’s work. ”

So yeah, it’s bs.

In fact, here’s some more info on it.

Even the Goddamn New York times think this is bs. And they shill for Israel like no one does.

Paraphrasing someone else here: ” But just to put this Hasbara round to bed, let’s examine this claim in regards to the ” Palestinians don’t like Israel in their textbooks ” situation.

This shit is really weak. It assumes that the PA should ignore all of the history leading to the creation of the Palestinian problem and Palestinian identity, otherwise it constitutes spreading hate and lies. Egregiously, it makes the implication that Palestinian history books shouldn’t discuss or try to define general historical concepts that are taught all over the world, such as Imperialism, settlement activities and agreements like Sykes-Picot.

Most pro-Israelis paint a morbid picture by releasing bs studies into this which all have some things in common. Especially one posted by the Centre mentioned above. I’d link it, but I lost the link.

But you don’t need it, here’s why it’s bs.

1) Ignoring available literature and works by official Israeli-Palestinian committees, which actually didn’t find any evidence of so-called incitement.

2) When mentioning other studies, it either ignored their findings, which is a big fail as far as academic research is concerned. Worse still, the study list research by entities such as fucking MEMRI, who have literally no standing in the world of academia given their partisan agenda and exposed practices.

But to get back to the content:

Imagine a Palestinian researcher saying Israeli history books should ignore the Holocaust, should ignore the 1948/1967 wars otherwise, these books would be engaging in spreading hate towards the Arabs and the Palestinians.

Look at those quotes that are criticized in the study (copy’pasted):

The phenomenon of colonialist Imperialism is epitomized by the existence of foreigners inside the environment of the country’s original inhabitants. They have a sense of purity and superiority, pursue various forms of racial discrimination against the original inhabitants, and do not recognize their national entity (page 19)


Over 850 thousand Palestinians were forced to emigrate and they and their families have lived in refugee camps in Palestine and in the Diaspora. Nothing was left of it [Palestine], except for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that were occupied [as well] in 1967. (page 21-22)

Then the writers make the BIG CLAIM form reading these two passages:

The conclusion drawn from that – defense of the Palestinians’ existence in the land necessitates that they fight against the Jews’ presence there, with immediate negative implications as far as the chances for a future peace between the two peoples are concerned.

Seriously where in all of this did it call for fighting anyone?

Israeli researcher Gershon Baskin of ICPRI himself confirmed that Palestinian school books do not incite to violence even though they do not exactly preach much about the peace process (source. Further, Al-Sheikh in his book, “Palestinian Curriculum: Issues of Identity and Citizenship”, clearly noted how those working on Palestinian curricula were faced with the challenge of having to teach Palestinian history, with all its catastrophes, setbacks, while at the same time not write something that angers the Israelis, the PA and the foreign funders. More can be found here on this.

In 2002, the EU issued a whole statement saying that research into Palestinian books proved that allegations of incitement were false and unfounded.

It is weird therefore that this study decided that PA books are guilty of incitement even though there is no shred of evidence in the study about such incitement.

In page 26, it exclaims why a Palestinian school book described the Israeli security forces as “occupation forces” in 1961 when they arrested poet Mahmoud Darwish:

Maybe because the Arab areas of Israel, where Mahmud Darwish lived, were actually under a military administration that was lifted only in 1966?

The study is strewn with such simple mistakes that reflect lack of attention to accuracy and more focus on slander and defamation.

If I’m going to study Palestinian textbooks, then I’d go for more decent work that does look at already-existing literature on the subject, not some shoddy analysis by partisan organizations, who make claim and reach conclusions without taking into consideration what was already written. You can look at the work by IPCRI, George Eckert Institute or even the US Senate. ”

We’d give credit, but lost the original link lol.

[Edit: Editor’s note: ” If you wrote the above quote, please let us know so we can credit you. ” -FB]

Man, all manner of fuckheads spread this shit.

I mean there’s some you’d expect like Lindsay Graham and Newt Gingrich and the IDF spokesperson, but it’s mostly random Indians on the internet nowadays.

Gingrich once said: ““They have textbooks that say, if there are 13 Jews and nine Jews are killed, how many Jews are left? We pay for those textbooks through our aid money.”

Which is just bullshit.

As AP revealed when they interviewed actual experts.

Q.E.D, it’s bullshit.

I’ve said that word a lot, but it’s fucking true.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Back in 2013, a comprehensive report on textbooks in Israel and Palestine was published, entitled “Victims of Our Own Narratives? Portrayal of the ‘Other’ in Israeli and Palestinian School Books“. Sponsored by the US State Department and independently examined at Yale University, the study looked at 94 Palestinian textbooks and 74 Israeli textbooks published between 2009 and 2011. The results pretty much are what you’d expect, with the Israeli accusation of one-sided extensive Palestinian incitement as a myth and getting BTFO.

The report states: “Where incitement or misleading narratives were found, they were found on both sides. As a result the report recommended: “that the Israeli and Palestinian Ministries of Education each establish a committee of Ministry staff and community experts to review current and future books in light of the study findings and prepare a plan of action based upon the review. Additional steps will be necessary to facilitate similar processes regarding the books of the Israeli Ultra-Orthodox communities.”

The then Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, welcomed the study and instructed the Ministry of Education to follow up on its recommendations. The Palestinian Ministry of Education cooperated fully with the study citing its “firm conviction of the significance of the issue and the need to discuss it on objective and professional bases, rather than preconceived notions and stereotypes.”

Israel’s Ministry of Education shockingly ( sarcasm ) boycotted the report. During the press conference at which the study was released, Professor Wexler, who led the independent examining team at Yale University, referred to the ministry’s statement as “false at every level”. He added that: “The Israeli government would rather hold on to a propaganda claim [it] know[s] to be false than to get change in Palestinian.



Come on Israel.

Don’t act like you don’t engage in a bit of ” Oh Yes, one less Arab, let’s dance bitch “ yourselves now eh ?

Bear in mind, only one of the two in this conflict in currently under occupation and therefore has the right to fight.

Israelis celebrate death of Palestinians all the time.

It’s actually quite common.

Even among the supposedly most moral army in the world.


Recent times has kinda put this one on hold, although you still get it every so often.

It’s gotten so bad, that even John Fucking Kerry disagrees with the Israelis.

In reality this is yet another clear cut example of bs.

This assumes two things.

  1. That Israel wants peace and has accepted or taken into consideration any and all peace settlements that the Palestinians have advocated or put forth.
  2. That the Palestinians reject them for no reason.

You’ll get bombarded with ” but they declined a deal in 1948 ”

Why would they agree in the first place ? You think the Palestinians should just agree to randomly give over land they’ve been living on for years, and move to some random ass part of the desert ? The proposed partition plan was a shit deal for the Arabs.

Jewish immigrants made up only 11% of the population at the time, yet were to be granted a majority of the land ? No one in their right mind would agree to such bullshit.

Not even the Israelis were fond of it.

It is pretty easy to prove that the Zionist movement did not accept the boundaries of the UN partition and only viewed it as the basis from which to expand outwards:

“While the Yishuv’s leadership formally accepted the 1947 Partition Resolution, large sections of Israel’s society — including…Ben-Gurion — were opposed to or extremely unhappy with partition and from early on viewed the war as an ideal opportunity to expand the new state’s borders beyond the UN earmarked partition boundaries and at the expense of the Palestinians.” Israeli historian, Benny Morris, in “Tikkun”, March/April 1998.

“In internal discussion in 1938 [David Ben-Gurion] stated that ‘after we become a strong force, as a result of the creation of a state, we shall abolish partition and expand into the whole of Palestine’…In 1948, Menachem Begin declared that: ‘The partition of the Homeland is illegal. It will never be recognized. The signature of institutions and individuals of the partition agreement is invalid. It will not bind the Jewish people. Jerusalem was and will forever be our capital. Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) will be restored to the people of Israel, All of it. And forever.” Noam Chomsky, “The Fateful Triangle.

“Before the end of the mandate and, therefore before any possible intervention by Arab states, the Jews, taking advantage of their superior military preparation and organization, had occupied…most of the Arab cities in Palestine before May 15, 1948. Tiberias was occupied on April 19, 1948, Haifa on April 22, Jaffa on April 28, the Arab quarters in the New City of Jerusalem on April 30, Beisan on May 8, Safad on May 10 and Acre on May 14, 1948…In contrast, the Palestine Arabs did not seize any of the territories reserved for the Jewish state under the partition resolution.” British author, Henry Cattan, “Palestine, The Arabs and Israel.

You’ll get bombarded with ” The Palestinians rejected the camp David ”

Good tbh.

You should have seen the fucking state of it.

  • Palestinian territory was to be divided into four separate cantons entirely surrounded by Israel.
  • The Camp David proposal also denied Palestinians control over their own borders, airspace and water resources while legitimising and expanding Israeli colonies in Palestinian territory.
  • Israel’s Camp David proposal presented a ‘re-packaging’ of military occupation, not an end to military occupation… Israel sought to annex almost 9% of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in exchange offered from Israel’s own territory only the equivalent of 1% of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In addition, Israel sought control over an additional 10% of the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the form of a “long-term lease”.
  • As Jeremy Pressman wrote, “On security, territory, and Jerusalem, elements of the Israeli offer at Camp David would have prevented the emergence of a sovereign, continuous Palestinian state. These flaws in the Israeli offer formed the basis of Palestinian objections.” Moreover, “Israel portrayed it as the Palestinians receiving 96% of the West Bank. But the figure is misleading. The Israelis did not include parts of the West Bank they had already appropriated.”

History shows that Israel has it’s own fair share of rejectionism

It’s more common than you think or may know about. Check this shit out

Or when they rejected the Arab Peace Initiative.

In fact, The Likud Party’s 1999 platform “flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan River” and considers Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza a “realization of Zionist values.”

The Israelis rejected the Taba talks. Ehud Barak’s government terminated the talks on 27 January 2001 due to the upcoming Israeli election, and the new Sharon government did not restart them.

The Israelis rejected the Beirut summit talks..

The summit concluded by presenting a plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres actually welcomed it and said, “… the details of every peace plan must be discussed directly between Israel and the Palestinians…”

Israel was not prepared to enter negotiations as called for by the Arab League plan on the grounds that it did not wish for “full withdrawal to 1967 borders and the right of return for the Palestinian refugees

In fact, Netanyahu himself admits to stopping the Oslo Peace process.

Avi Shlaim made the mistake of thinking they could work, but later admitted that Netanyahu and Israeli bad faith ruined the chances.

More on Israeli rejectionism here, if you’re interested.


Even a few Israelis think this is dogshit. When one of their MK’s used the argument that since there’s no letter P in the Arabic alphabet, how can there be a Palestine, Goddamn right wingers laughed at her.

The reality is is that Palestine has a rich and extensive history.

Some really good documentary evidence we have of the country of Palestine are letters written by  Zenon, the  business manager of a minister to Ptolemy II  around 285 to 246 BC. 

Palestine was recognised as a state by virtue of article 22(4) of the Covenant of the League of Nations, as were all the Class A mandated territories.

Ptolemy made some maps about it in 100BC

Here’s one from 1570.

The British Victorian painter David Roberts RA made an extensive tour of Palestine in the mid 1800s and produced many works showing what it was like, you can see some of them here.

In 1917 and 1918 Palestine was liberated from the Ottoman Empire by the British. The League of Nations then gave the British a Mandate (basically a management contract) over the country of Palestine in 1923. The newly liberated country celebrated by issuing its own money, i.e, its own currency, own passports and all the other documentation of a state. Even though ultimate authority lay with the British, so there was no Palestinian head of state.

I remember seeing some retarded ass picture with 10 questions on it, most of whom were stupid as fuck, which questioned the legitimacy of Palestine.

Not only did none of those questions actually achieve that, but they were all easily answerable.

One that caught my eye were ” Name one leader before Arafat “, with a fucking exclamation mark at the end as if this was somehow a brainkiller.

The reality is that there were many leaders in Palestine before Arafat.

Case in point:

1.Khaled Al-Hassan

2. Izzat Darwaza.

3. Fu’ad Nassar.

4. Haider Abdel-Shafi.

5. Awni Abd-Al Hadi.

6. Musa Alami.

7. Jabra Nicola.

8. Nimr Al Khatib.

9. Nahid Munir Al-Rayyis.

10. Hasan Tahboub.

11. Ruhi Al-Khatib.

12. Fahmi Al-Abboushi.

13. Mohammad Milhim.

14. Bassam Shakaa.

15. Adel Zawati.

16. Bulus Farah.

17. Abd Al Qadir Al Husayni.

18. Timotheous of Gaza.

19. Choricius of Gaza.

20. Zahir Al-Umar.

21. Ahmed Agha Duzdar.

22. Youself Al Khalidi.

I’d actually write a lot more on this, but I’m seriously fucking tired and just want this over with. Reading and researching some of these is making me sick.



We’re hitting levels of stupid that shouldn’t even be possible.

Zimbabwe, back when it was Rhodesia was about as racist a place as you could get in somewhat modern times, and even they had black MPs.

The first two black African MPs from Southern Rhodesia to sit in the Federal Parliament were Jasper Savanhu and Michael Hove, editors of the African newspapers, African Weekly and Bantu Mirror respectively.

So did South Africa.

This is just a trend among some of the claims you see. That in some cases due to the fact that Arabs can participate in Israeli life, that it’s not actual apartheid.

This is false.

There are many discriminatory laws that inhibit Palestinian civil liberties

Israeli military order 101 is a major systematic indication of the cruelty of the Israeli regime

Under it’s jurisdiction,

  1. Unless an Israeli military commander provides authorization in advance, Palestinians in the West Bank cannot attend and organize a procession, assembly or vigil of 10 or more people for a political purpose, or where a speech is being made on a political subject, or for a matter that may be construed as political, or even to discuss such a subject.
  2. The display of flags or emblems, and the publication of any document or image with politically significant content, without a permit from an Israeli military commander is banned.
  3. Verbal or other expressions of support or sympathy for the activities and aims of any organization deemed illegal under military orders is prohibited. This includes many Palestinian political parties and student unions.
  4. Anyone breaching Military Order 101 faces imprisonment for up to 10 years and/or a hefty fine.

Bassem Tamimi, of Ahed Tamimi fame, was convicted and sentenced to 4 months in jail with a 5000 shekel fine.

Which really shouldn’t be a surprise, considering virtually all cases of Palestinians brought before Israeli military courts end in convictions. Most convictions are the result of plea bargains. This is because Palestinian defendants know the entire system is so unfair that if they go on trial, they will be convicted and given a longer sentence.

Israel’s apartheid system is well documented.

The UN concluded after much review, that Israel was indeed subjecting Palestinians to apartheid. You can read the full review here, something I’d highly recommend.

Some consider it worse than South Africa’s apartheid. Which is really enough when you consider many don’t think it’s apartheid itself.

Excluding Mandela himself.

Or his grandson.

Or most Israelis.

In 2009, a study was commissioned and coordinated by the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa on Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law.

The report cautioned against focusing exclusively on events within Israel proper and avoiding analysis of Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories. The report noted that one of the most ‘notorious’ aspects of the Apartheid policy was the ‘racial enclave policy’ manifested in the Black Homelands called bantustans, and added: “As the apartheid regime in South Africa, Israel justifies these measures under the pretext of ‘security’. Contrary to such claims, they are in fact part of an overall regime aimed at preserving demographic superiority of one racial group over the other in certain areas”

According to the report Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories correlate almost entirely with the definition of apartheid as established in Article 2 of the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. Comparison to South African laws and practices by the apartheid regime also found strong correlations with Israeli practices, including violations of international standards for due process (such as illegal detention); discriminatory privileges based on ascribed ethnicity (legally, as Jewish or non-Jewish); draconian enforced ethnic segregation in all parts of life, including by confining groups to ethnic “reserves and ghettoes”; comprehensive restrictions on individual freedoms, such as movement and expression; a dual legal system based on ethno-national identity (Jewish or Palestinian); denationalization (denial of citizenship); and a special system of laws designed selectively to punish any Palestinian resistance to the system.

Adam and Moodley wrote that Israeli Palestinians are “restricted to second-class citizen status when another ethnic group monopolizes state power” because of legal prohibitions on access to land, as well as the unequal allocation of civil service positions and per capita expenditure on educations between “dominant and minority citizens.”

The Knesset passed Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law in 2003 as an emergency measure after Israel had suffered its worst ever spate of suicide bombings and after several Palestinians who had been granted permanent residency on the grounds of family reunification took part in terrorist attacks in Israel. The law makes inhabitants of Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and areas governed by the Palestinian Authority ineligible for the automatic granting of Israeli citizenship and residency permits that is usually available through marriage to an Israeli citizen. This applies equally to a spouse of any Israeli citizen, whether Arab or Jewish, but in practice, as usual,  the law mostly affects Palestinian Israelis living in the towns bordering the West Bank The law was intended to be temporary but has since been extended annually.

Basically if you live in the west bank, are jewish and you marry a Palestinian, the state won’t recognise your marriage.

Nor, for that can Protestants (aside from Anglicans): They are not a legally recognized religious sect. Israel still employs the Turkish millet system, under which a person is not a member of a nationality, but rather a member of a religious group. The millet system is still in existence 93 years after the Turks departed and 63 years after the end of the Mandate. A Cohen – that is, a member of the long-defunct Temple oligarchy – can marry a divorcee only with difficulty, by a decision of the Supreme Court. Israel proclaims itself a Jewish state – and, of course, we’re talking Orthodox Judaism here: Reform or Conservative Jews cannot legally marry in Israel, as these are not legally-recognized millets. As far as Israeli law is concerned, Reform and Conservative Jews are not Jews.


The World Bank found in 2009 that Israeli settlements in the West Bank (which amount to 15% of the population of the West Bank) are given access to over 80% of its fresh water resources, despite the fact that the Oslo accords call for “joint” management of such resources. This has created, according to the Bank, “real water shortages” for the Palestinians.

Palestinians living in the West Bank do not have Israeli citizenship or voting rights in Israel, but are subject to movement restrictions of the Israeli government. Israel has created roads and checkpoints in the West Bank with the stated purpose of preventing the uninhibited movement of suicide bombers and militants in the region.

But this creates a problem for people needing to move about, including those that need to do so out of emergency purposes. Death of pregnant women have been noted.

The very fact that Israel imposes separate roads on Jewish and Arab inhabitants should be clear enough.

A permit and closure system was introduced in 1990. Leila Farsakh maintains that this system imposes “on Palestinians similar conditions to those faced by blacks under the pass laws. Like the pass laws, the permit system controlled population movement according to the settlers’ unilaterally defined considerations.” In response to the al-Aqsa intifada, Israel modified the permit system and fragmented the WBGS [West Bank and Gaza Strip] territorially. “In April 2002 Israel declared that the WBGS would be cut into eight main areas, outside which Palestinians could not live without a permit.”

The harsh conditions under which West Bank Palestinians are employed has been heavily criticised.

Which culminated in an investigation into Israel’s use of Palestinian child labourers.

In some circles it is considered a fascist state. 

Which works well when you consider they planned to lower the numbers of Arabs in Jerusalem.

Even the former US ambassador, Dan Shapiro acknowledged this disgusting system.

Oh yeah, and the illegal fucking settlements. Fuck them too.The Israelis use them to slowly remove traces of Palestine.

And also to dump their sewage. 

They’re deemed illegal by pretty much everybody bar the US and Israel.

A former Israeli Legal Counsel to then Foreign Ministry. In ’67 he was asked to give his legal opinion on the legality of civilian “settlements” in WB & Gaza

His expert opinion was that they contravened 4thGeneva Convention

The Israeli government concealed his opinion and went ahead with the settlements anyway,

We’ll end this section with the most prominent one.

The right of return.

Now, we could simply describe this but there’s really no gain either way. It’s best if you read up on it yourself.



What ? Really ?

God, I hope we were rolling on that 



This one is rather conceited when you once again take into context why Palestinians honour those whom the Israelis consider terrorists. If someone dies in the field of revolution or openly sacrifices themselves, they should be at the very least commended.

This is the excuse the Israelis use anyway, for when they honour their own “””””freedom fighters””””

Give ya a few examples.

Menachim Begin was the leader of a terrorist group that was responsible for many atrocities

He later became prime minister.

Shlomo Ben-Yosef was not a nice guy. He was hanged by the British administrators of Palestine in 1938. He and others threw grenades in a failed effort to kill the the passengers aboard a Palestinian bus.

Today there are streets named after him in Akka and Tel Aviv.

Interestingly enough, he was part of the group lead by Begin, the first guy I mentioned.

There are a number of memorials in present-day Israel honoring Orde Wingate

Wingate led raids against Palestinians in the 1930s with squads from the Haganah, the largest Zionist militia, leading to such atrocities as ” leading retribution raids into Arab villages, killing innocent civilians and terrorizing others.”

Israel’s national sport center, the Wingate Institute, was named after him.

Which I’ll be honest with you, isn’t that great. A statute would’ve been better tbh.

Oh yeah, he also got neighbourhoods in Jerusalem named after him.

Eliyahu Hakim took part in the assassination of Walter Guinness (better known as Lord Moyne), a senior British politician, in Cairo in 1945. A street is named after Hakim in the French Carmel neighborhood of Haifa.

Eliyahu Bet-Zuri planned to assassinate Winston Churchill. He also took part in the killing of Guinness.

Israel issued a postage stamp in his honor as it did for all the so-called “Olei Hagardom, ” those executed by the British for what the British considered terrorism. A street in a Jerusalem neighborhood is called Olei Hagardom.

To be fair though, a fucking postage stamp ? I’d take that as an insult.

Anyways, the commander of Lehi, another armed group, was Avraham Stern.

Stern wanted to establish a Jewish kingdom over Palestine and not even the Second World War and the Holocaust brought a pause in his attacks on the British. (Incredibly, he even sought aid from Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.)

A memorial ceremony attended by Israeli politicians and government officials is held each year at Stern’s grave in the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Givatayim

Dude also got a shitty postage stamp in his honour.

The place where he was shot dead by British forces has become a place of pilgrimage for hard-right young Israelis.

stamp was issued in honor of Moshe Marzouk

Fucking Stamps.

He was involved in 1955 in a series of false-flag terrorist bombings of American and British targets in Egypt that were intended to be mistaken for the work of Egyptian nationalists.

There were no deaths caused by the bombings, though of course the consequences for Egyptians could have been grave if the US believed Egypt was behind the attacks that came be be known as the Lavon Affair

Yitzhak Shamir led Lehi after the British killed Stern.

In 1948, Lehi had Folke Berndadotte, a UN mediator in Palestine, killed.

By the time Lehi was disbanded in 1948 it had carried out dozens of assassinations.

Lehi (and the Irgun) were responsible for the April 1948 massacre of Palestinians in Deir Yassin, a village near Jerusalem. None of this prevented Shamir from becoming Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu himself officiated at a ceremony to name a Jerusalem highway as Yitzhak Shamir Road.

Ariel Sharon was responsible for Unit 101 in the Israeli military, whose job was “retaliation” — that is to say operations to terrify Palestinians. His unit committed massacres in al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza (50 massacred) and Qibya in Jordan (69 massacred).

Sharon was Israel’s defense minister during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and was removed from his post after the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Today, while kids in Palestine are bombed on their beaches, kids in Israel can enjoy themselves at Ariel Sharon Park east of Tel Aviv

In 1994, Barcuch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinians and wounded 125 others inside the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. He didn’t stop until he was beaten to death.

A shrine was erected in Goldstein’s memory in Kiryat Arba, an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

In 1999, the shrine was demolished by the Israeli military. Yet the tombstone and epitaph — describing Goldstein as someone with “clean hands and a pure heart” — were maintained. The site continues to attract pilgrimage-like visits from Israeli settlers.


Man, am I tired of seeing this dork shit.

Fucking hate this.

” Israel started all of its major wars* (including 1948, by expelling 100,000s of Palestinians before Arab entered the fray in May 1948). This is because, far from being “okay with” partition, Israeli leaders differed only in their tactics for how to reject it

Screenshot part 2: Electric boogaloo.

The only exception is 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked the Sinai and Golan Heights — i.e. not fucking Israeli territory, but Egyptian and Syrian territory that Israel had attacked and occupied in 1967.

Following the June ’67 war, the U.N. Security Council passed resolution 242 calling upon Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories. Israel, needless to say, refused to do so and has remained in perpetual violation of international law ever since.

During the 1973 war, Egypt and Syria thus “invaded” their own territory, then under illegal occupation by Israel.

And yes, there have been “peace offers… to give part of that land back.” But the key word is “part.” Israel has only offered fragmented cantons that no Palestinian leader could ever accept. Here e.g. is former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami, saying he would have rejected Camp David as well.

Even 1967 is shady as fuck.

What ? Israel launched a ” defensive war “, that resulted in them somehow gaining territory ? So many fucking losers bring this up as a necessity, when the Israelis themselves fucking disagree with them

They, the Israelis, knew they were under no threat from the Arabs.

Here’s some more. 

Don’t believe that ? No worries, former prime minister Menachim Begin got my back:

” In June 1967, we again had a choice. The Egyptian Army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him “

Even Chaim Herzog, former president of israel stated that:

” There was no danger of annihilation. Israeli headquarters never believed in this danger “

Yitzhak Rabin, who would also later become Prime Minister of Israel, admitted in 1968 that “I do not think Nasser wanted war. The two divisions he sent to the Sinai would not have been sufficient to launch an offensive war. He knew it and we knew it.”

General Ezer Weizman similarly said, “There was never a danger of extermination. This hypothesis had never been considered in any serious meeting.”

Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev acknowledged, “We were not threatened with genocide on the eve of the Six-Day War, and we had never thought of such possibility.”

Israeli Minister of Housing Mordechai Bentov has also acknowledged that “The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail, and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory.”




Yeah, this is called pinkwashing. Something Israel revels in

16.. Classic propagandists being a dipshits and covering up crime

This isn’t a major lie that’s consistently repeated, but it’s recent and its been in the news, so I’ll conclude with this.

Micheal Oren, the former israeli ambassador to the US is a dipshit no doubt.

This is well known and really isn’t contested. What is though, is the Tamimi conspiracy he and other zionist dickwads shell out.

Yeah, genuinely, this dude and other believe that Ahed Tamimi is too white to be Palestinian and that she wears Jeans, which makes her a not Palestinian.

Or the even more bizarre, but since it’s Oren, totally acceptable statement he made here , where he stated that since the cast on Ahed’s brother was on the other arm in the second photo, it must be fake.

No. He really said this, I promise.

And if you think it’s just confined to him, the Knesset, the Israeli parliament/Congress/whatever you want to call it had a committee which held a session 2 years ago on whether the Tamimi family is a real family or actors pretending to be a family

It’s a more cancerous aspect of zionist existence, to lie about crimes committed.

” Like the efforts to dehumanise Ibrahim Abu Thurayyah, the handicapped protestor murdered by Israeli forces in Gaza on 15 December 2017.

First, the Israeli army released findings of an ‘internal review’; ” yes, we used live fire” , it said, ” but no, we’re not sure how Abu Thurayyah was killed.” From a military with a proven track record in systematic impunity, this wasn’t very surprising. But that’s only the start…

Next, a blog popular with pro-Israel activists published a post in which it claimed – are you ready for this – that Abu Thurayyah *volunteered to be shot by Hamas fighters to score a propaganda victory*. (I won’t link to it, but you can Google it, and I’ll provide screenshots)



Then, you had former Israeli army spokesperson Peter Lerner reprising his familiar role, albeit now in a voluntary capacity, to smear the dead & dehumanise the Palestinians, in what he calls a “quest for truth

The Israeli army, and indeed Lerner himself, have a track record in trying to cover up killings that generate “bad PR”. In 2002, for example, British UN worker Iain Hook was shot dead by the Israeli army in Jenin. , despite admitting it, Lerner said “Maybe somebody else shot Iain”.

In May 2014 Lerner’s quest for truth” led him to suggest that the live bullet which killed Palestinian child Nadim Nawara may have been “planted”.

The case of Nadim Nuwara drove the anti-Palestinian conspiracy theorists crazy; they poured over video footage – even claimed that he’d been shot by Palestinians in the ambulance. Unfortunately, even incontrovertible evidence doesn’t rule out impunity.
It’s important to stress that Israeli occupation forces *routinely* kill unarmed Palestinian civilians. Most of the time these crimes generate little or no international attention, & so pro-Israel activists see no need to generate conspiracy theories.
Or another example, that of 15-year-old Palestinian child, Mohammad Tamimi. “
Damn, the Israelis hate these Tamimi guys.
” On 15 December, 2017, Mohammad was shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet by Israeli occupation forces in his village Nabi Saleh. Later that day, Ahed Tamimi would be filmed shoving a soldier in her backyard. He lived, but doctors had to remove part of his skull.
But that’s not the end. Yesterday, at around 3am, Israeli occupation forces detained a number of residents of Nabi Saleh – including Mohammad. Note: Israeli soldiers routinely snatch Palestinian children from their homes at night, & place them in a system of military detention.
Later on, the Israeli army – in the name of Major General Yoav Mordechai, who oversees the daily workings of the occupation – announced that Mohammad had ‘confessed’ his injury was actually sustained *falling off his bicycle*. Yep. The Israeli army actually posted this.
Note that Mohammad, a 15-year-old child recovering from major surgery after being shot in the head, taken from his house in the middle of the night, was subsequently interrogated without either a lawyer, or parent, present. Again, this is standard Israeli practice.
And so, Mohammad’s family, aside from dealing with everything else, have now had to publish a letter/records from the hospital, as well as a picture of the bullet, *and* a hospital scan. To prove that their son was, in fact, shot.
And guess what? 15-year-old Mohammad, without a lawyer or parent present, did tell his Israeli military interrogators that he fell off a bike. Why? Because he was a scared boy, who knew he could be charged for participating in a protest.
So, either: – the Israeli military genuinely believed a fake ‘confession’ from an unaccompanied child that directly contradicted a mountain of evidence (& chose to publicise it). – or, the Israeli military knew the ‘confession’ was a lie – & publicised it anyway. “
~ Arri, FB, Ryan

Neoliberalism vs reality.

[EDIT: Editor’s note – ” We have decided to allow two comrades, one from Brazil and one from the UK, to write this piece about their respective expertise, with an intro by Ryan. Welcome Paulo, and Martin ! Their writing style differs from ours. We’re usually tongue in cheek and make really shitty puns to spice shit up. Paulo does that but very little. And Martin is a very serious guy, so don’t be miffed by the differing writing attitudes presented here. Everything here is serious. Promise”  – FB]


We really can’t hate Neoliberalism enough.

Sure with Naziism, you get the whole racism/anti-religion/authoritarian/exploitation thing, but they’re pretty open about it. Neoliberals are somewhat mute about their ideology. Keep your enemies close but keep your other enemies as close.

The brainchild (read:brainfart) of Alexander Rüstow in 1938, this living embodiment of absolute stupidity has it’s own prophets of doom and gloom and proud fathers of global misery. People still push this shit forward as an actual system under which people can thrive.

Lemme just start this off easily.

The shit don’t work.

Even the Goddamn IMF knows it don’t work

Also as a side note, you might have noticed people pushing geopolitical figures as neoliberals when they clearly fucking aren’t. It’s small and rather unnecessary, but really fucking annoying

From Deng ” Xiao me the money ” Xiaoping to even Rosa Luxemburg and Foucault. Just pisses me off is all.

I’d also like to point out just as another side note, that the German Neoliberal party tried to attack Marx but it backfired on them rather humorously. Haha fuck them.

Now I could go on a whole tirade about the ethical and dialectical aspects of slow privatisation of the economy and the unfettered free market, but neoliberals consider themselves beyond that.

Really, the only way to check the current status of the system is to see how its biggest practitioners are still holding up.

~ Ryan

  1. Brazil is currently ruled with an iron fist by despotic US shill under the administration of Michel Temer. He was basically given the post after the rather sketchy impeachment of Dilma Roussef, I won’t discuss the details here, but will make another post on it later. He’s now scheduled to run the rest of her term, ending in 2019.

This dude is a class traitor beyond all things. He was helping Lula, the leftist leader of Brazil up until Lula left office, but was biding his time to secretly latch out and leech the blood from the ruling worker’s party.

Temer’s party, the PMDB, became the national symbol of centrism in Brazil, from reaching out to the leftists and forming alliances with right wingers.

In the days leading up to the impeachment vote on Dilma Roussef, Temer sent his buddies a whatsapp message with the speech he was preparing for his power grab. 

Despite this being literal proof of a coup being planned, Temer denied it and huddled away like a snake.

Later on, wikileaks released cables showing that Temer was working as an informant for the US government.

Later, leaked audio showed him practising his victory speech. Before any real proceedings had taken place against Roussef.

What I’m trying to say is, the guy basically got into power by planning a very clever coup.

Which made for fun times as he was later banned from the 2018 elections and office altogether for 8 years.

In this guy’s very first speech, he spewed shit about the ” benefits ” of opening up Brazil’s economy, and reversing many of the social programmes that Roussef’s government had planned out. Investors and big business men loved it.

Workers, not so much.

In 2016, deputies amended the constitution. Leaving it viable for change.

Change which Temer approved with what I’m assuming is glee.

Public spending was capped for 20 years.

Later on, one of his ministers resigned, showing evidence that Temer had basically pressured him to help a big businessman secure a deal involving a plot of land that was protected by heritage laws.

Temer denied it.

And in what I hope should be an unsurprising twist, He later admitted it.

Later on, Odebrecht, literal scum of the earth in my opinion, for their vast involvement in bribing government officials and interfering in leftist latin American Governments such as Bolivia and Venezuela, admitted bribing Temer.

Later on, Temer decided he didn’t like the modest house he had been living in ( This is a joke, his house was less than modest, considering it was the presidential palace. ), and move to the vice presidential palace. His reason being he couldn’t sleep in the ample rooms and, in something that confirmed his vicious drug abuse (Disclaimer: I can neither confirm nor deny that Michel Temer is on drugs, although you’d have to be high to think his policies work ), blamed Ghosts for scaring him away.

Workers and trade unions decided shit went too far and went on strike in the general cities, mainly in opposition to Temer’s policies with regards to pension and labor reform.

You would think he’d be more careful and stop making mis-steaks, but Temer proved once again that he’s a complete sausage and among the wurst politicians today when he butchered yet another hearing into alleged bribes by a business man who specialised in meats. The steaks were too high for that one.

Workers were pissed, and set fire to ministerial buildings in clashes that resulted in Temer deploying troops.

This of course resulted in police shooting protestors.

Weirdly enough the US didn’t condemn it or place sanctions on Brazil or Temer. 

Of course, Temer refused to resign.

This in turn made the clashes worse and pushed Brazil further into recession amid it’s worst crisis in recent years,

Later on, in what must have you screaming ” fuck sake you stupid cunt, how hard is it not to accept bribes “??!?!?, Temer admitted he had accepted bribes. Except this time he went to the supreme court for it.

Neoliberals push Temer as the saviour of Brazil, but do not understand that we in Brazil don’t like Temer.

In fact, polls have his approval rate as low as 7%, the lowest in 30 years.

A more believable one is the one released some time after the one above, which puts him at 2%.

And 81% of Brazilians favour impeachment for his removal.

And it’s not really just the actions above that have put him that situation. It’s his attitude.

He doesn’t care about anything as long as he, or his masters can make a profit off it.


He was more than prepared to ruin the Amazon forest to make way for industry.

I hope I do not have to elaborate on the impact of this.

This was so unpopular that it was thankfully later revoked.

~ Paulo.


2. You no doubt have some knowledge about the current crisis facing Britain’s National Health Service. The president of the United States himself has spoken of the ills that plague our healthcare system, albeit through an attempt to attack social healthcare.

The leader of her majesty’s opposition, perhaps the only sane man in British politics, struck back furiously.

Our NHS is a beautiful thing. Every man, woman and child can now avail of healthcare free to the point of use.

This stems from the core principles at the founding of the National Health Service by the Labour government in 1948. In practice, “free at the point of use” normally means that anyone legitimately fully registered with the system (i.e. in possession of an NHS number), available to legal UK residents regardless of nationality (but not non-resident British citizens), can access the full breadth of critical and non-critical medical care, without payment except for some specific NHS services, for example eye tests, dental care, prescriptions, and aspects of long-term care. These charges are usually lower than equivalent services provided by a private provider, and, most beautifully, many are free to vulnerable or low-income patients.

” The NHS was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. At its launch by the then minister of health, Aneurin Bevan, on 5 July 1948, it had at its heart three core principles:

  • That it meet the needs of everyone
  • That it be free at the point of delivery
  • That it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay “

Thatcher said ” The NHS is safe in our hands “

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that not only is that bs, but it’s not even remotely true in any sense of the word.

In 2011 the Conservative government led by the neoliberal David Cameron signed off on the 10-year contract to manage the debt-laden Hinchingbrooke Hospital in HuntingdonCambridgeshire by Circle Healthcare.

It was the first time that management of an NHS hospital was to be taken over by a stock-market listed company

Throughout the 8 years of neoliberal bollocks under the tories, our NHS has been shuttered, privately sold off, staff laid off, staff forced to work outrageous hours and under humiliating schedules, under staffed, and heavily underfunded.

This is in tune with the general status of the tory party as malicious selfish wankers.

[EDIT 2: Editor’s note – ” For legal reasons, this is not the general status of the Tory party. We’re not saying you should call them that, we’re saying you can call them that ” – FB]

Whilst plowing through public money to prop themselves under a weak and unstable government via a union with terrorists, they seem to run out when it comes to the NHS.

I must add that other systems in the UK have suffered under the neoliberal policies of the tories ( case in point, a homeless man dying just outside parliament ) but the NHS is a special case, one which I have chosen to concentrate on, mainly due to the fact that so many people rely on it and the vast majority of people wish that it remains in public hands. Even Tory voters are polled with this result.

Due to the neoliberal policies of the tory government, 120,000 people have died due to cuts to public and social spending.

2015 saw rising mortality rates for all ages but especially the elderly. There are an additional 39,074 deaths compared to the year before

58% of Maternity Units have had to temporarily shut their doors to mothers in labour since 2011, and the number of Maternity Unit closures has increased by 41% in two years.

For many patients, a free at the point of use NHS no longer exists. This is because rationing in our NHS has increased substantially under the tory government.

Ambulance services are now losing 500,000 hours a year due to Ambulances backed up outside A&Es

IVF treatment has been rationed under the Tories, with 80% of CCGs now refusing to fund the 3 cycles of IVF that NICE recommends

Hip & Knee Surgery is now being denied to patients who smoke or are obese in over1/3 of Clinical Commissioning Groups. A total betrayal of the people and our NHS’s core principles. In addition, CCGs have begun to restrict free hearing aids on the NHS for those suffering hearing loss

One must look at the rational reason for this. What is the origin for such travesties ?

The answer lies in The Tory Government’s subtle yet in your fcae attempt to privatise the NHS. In other words, to make it a for profit system. In such a system, there is no room for ethical human conduct, or empathy for the poor and needy. Such things merely attest against the vacuous system that is neoliberalism.

The Tory government has no interest in worker rights. It’s history is riddled with false promises and despicable acts against the working class. It has the preposterous honour of defending the exploitations of the common man for the benefit of rich elite oligarchs.

With the revelation that the tories seek to reduce worker’s rights in order to maximise profits post brexit, one can only wonder what else they have in mind.

NHS spending under the Tories, since 2010, has grown 68% slower that the NHS’s
average spending settlement since 1955. No government has invested less additional cash in real terms in our NHS than post-2010
Two thirds of NHS Trusts & NHS Foundation Trusts are now in deficit, and the total deficit for NHS Trusts has tripled in one year, and is vastly growing, considering these figures are ageing.
We are now currently in the midst of a GP recruitment crisis. Understandable, as no one wishes to suffer through exploitative labour under the hands of a tory government.
GP practices have fallen by 889 since 2010. The year the Tories came to power following the fall of the equally neoliberal new labour.
But what of the subtle privatisation I mentioned several times ?
Worry not, there is ample evidence of that as well.
The government deny NHS privatisation is taking place but research shows upwards of a third of NHS contracts are awarded to the private sector
The NHS has closed maternity wards and A&E wards at a time when both services are struggling.
UK judges and Official statisticians have rebuked the health minister and the Tories on several occasions for acting illegally or dishonestly
These and many other failings can be found in the magnificent report by the utterly brilliant Eoin Clarke.
~ Martin Duggan.

[EDIT 3: Editor’s note – ” With thanks to Paulo and Martin ! ” – FB]

[EDIT 4: Editor’s note – ” Oh yeah, and Ryan too while we’re at it ” – FB]




Spoiler alert, companies do evil shit behind a good message all the damn time.

In case you haven’t noticed, the superbowl was on some time ago, and most media were spewing typical garbage in relation to it.

From some random handegg ( we refuse to call THAT football ) player doing the #McResistance proud by…not going to the white house.

To the result somehow affecting the stock market. As opposed to the actual reason of markets being volatile, inconsistent and stuck in the underconsumption paradox.

Anyways, we dunno, we don’t care, we didn’t watch it.

I did take some interest in how the liberals and centrists reacted to a certain extent to one aspect of this shitshow, and that was the superbowl ads.

In this particular case, the Dodge ad which featured words by MLK somehow promoting buying Dodge.

First off, MLK, like most reasonable persons of car-purchasing age and capability, would have never bought a damn Dodge. They’re unreliable as fuck

Secondly, what in the inhuman fucking fuck.

Did these pricks at Dodge even listen to the fucking speech ?

MLK literally states:  “Do you ever see people buy cars that they can’t even begin to buy in terms of their income? You’ve seen people riding around in Cadillacs and Chryslers who don’t earn enough to have a good T-Model Ford. But it feeds a repressed ego. You know, economists tell us that your automobile should not cost more than half of your annual income. So if you make an income of $5,000, your car shouldn’t cost more than about $2,500. That’s just good economics.”

And if that wasn’t shiesty enough, MLK goes hard on fucking car ads of all damn ironic  things: “Now the presence of this instinct explains why we are so often taken by advertisers….You know, those gentlemen of massive verbal persuasion. And they have a way of saying things to you that kind of gets you into buying. In order to be a man of distinction, you must drink this whiskey. In order to make your neighbors envious, you must drive this type of car. In order to be lovely to love you must wear this kind of lipstick or this kind of perfume. And you know, before you know it, you’re just buying that stuff.”

The company must have dodged that bit. It would have been a challenge for them to put it in the ad.

[EDIT: Editor’s note-” If you have to stretch this far to make puns, don’t bother. Also, challenge ??? fucking really ? “~ FB]

As expected, The King Center, and Bernice King not approve of the message.

But it brought to mind that this is something typical in the pro-materialist world.

We’ve rarely touched on anti-capitalist theory on this site, in fact even on our old one, we avoided it except in special cases. But that wasn’t because we couldn’t talk about it, more so the fact that our criticisms wouldn’t have been seen in their full impact because we gave little to no examples. This time however, we’ve got more than a few.

In reality, and somewhat ironically for liberals and right wingers, one of the most intricate criticisms of private ownership of the means of production, as well as little to no state or public involvement, is the human nature aspect. Marx, and other writers go hard in the paint with this argument, talking about how the built in need and lust for profit overcomes the capitalists innate sense of compassion and ethics.

Alongside the whole exploitation thing and the theft of surplus value etc etc etc..

Obviously they describe it in far better detail than we did and with much much better nuance, but you get the picture right ?

So it’s with that in mind that we decided to dig thorough some of our old shit to find companies doing and promoting terrible things, behind a mask of social goodness.

  1. Massachusetts has a long ass history with the abuse of the human psyche and body, through mostly the numbers of asylums and mental hospitals that are scattered throughout the damn place.

One of particular note is Fernald State school.

Back in the 40’s, the kids in the place were put through abuse on a depressing scale. I won’t go through what they endured not just for you guys, but myself as well.

One day, some nice, totally not evil men from MIT came over and with smiles of gold, told the kids that they’d be in a super special awesome science experiment, and in reward, they’d be given extra food, gifts and ” Trips to Redsox games “.

The latter sounds more like a punishment tbh.

In between the gifts and the fun ( and the occasional redsox torture ) they maybe-sorta-forgot to tell the kids that the porridge they’d be eating as extra food, was maybe-sorta-kinda-definitely laced with radioactive poison. ( In this case, poisonous salts of calcium and Iron )

Those MIT bastards, amirite ?

Oh wait, no the whole thing was the idea of some old smiley faced fucker on a box.

Yeah, that’s right, Quaker Oats wanted to measure their nutrition ratios with relation to iron and calcium versus competitors and they hired MIT “”scientists””” to do it.

So still, those MIT bastards, but also now those Quaker oats bastards.

” But those levels of radiation were harmless ” ! Your average libertarian would exclaim, while clutching his cum soaked copy of Fountainhead.

Weirdly, the kids weren’t informed that they’d be taking poison.

Interestingly enough, following in the tradition of the aforementioned dodge  ( although not literally, considering this happened earlier ) Quaker Oats also used MLK to target black communities .

2. Barrick Gold is one of the largest exploit-sorry, “”companies”” in the world.

Like all mining companies, it takes the natural resources of developing and third world countries at a fraction of their market instigated price ( which they themselves decide and influence ), with next to none of the profit going to the indigenous peoples whose land have been ruined due to mining and who do the dirty work i.e the actual fucking mining, some going to corrupt politicians who extend the status quo, and most going to Barrick gold.

As most companies go, you’d try and cover this stuff up or at least gloss over it right ?

Barrick Gold is rather proud of it. 

“Our vision is the generation of wealth through responsible mining — wealth for our owners, our people.. ”

Back in ’09, whilst liberals were just coming off their orgasmic Obama oriented high, some weird shit happened in the Barrick mine in Papua New Guinea. Among other things, such as Obama forgiving Bush and Cheney, the media sorta forgot to really tell anyone about this. ( I’m gonna call this concept of liberals ignoring shit that they’d rather not hear about the Barrick-Obama singularity )

Barrick faced opposition from the indigenous peoples via protests and strikes, so they hired a security firm and placed them under their own jurisdiction.

Not much of a jurisdiction, considering that it committed various crimes over an untold period of time, including a registered 14 rapes, arson of villager homes, full on fucking murder and straight up cover up of abuse.

HRW noted: ” Barrick’s history of angrily dismissing human rights and environmental concerns that the company should have treated more seriously and dealt with more transparently”

One noted incident was when the company, with the help of the police of course, burned hundreds of houses to make way for more mining operation, then the PNG government outlawed it, but Barrick lobbied and then got it legalised. In 2014, hundreds more houses were burnt again.

3. CITGO is a gas giant, and by that, I mean they’re full of hot air. But in reality, CITGO is one of the largest transporters and refiners of fuels. Venezuela’s PDVSA actually owns a majority stake in the company.

Back in 2007, CITGO violated the clean air act, thereby exposing residents of Texas to poisonous gases, whilst simultaneously generating 1 billion dollars worth of revenue.

They were fined 2 million dollars after many years of trial.

The victims and the families of those who died received the substantial sum of absolutely fuck all, with courts considering the company to big to punish and that it would take too long to calculate ho much would be given to each victim.

4. Nestle are a well renowned bunch of bastards. From over pricing in poorer nations, to giving out faulty products, to their CEO’s obsession with privatising water. But they’re probably most well known for their baby formula scandal that started in the 70’s and continues to this day.

Wait, you though that was a joke ? Nah brah, it still goes on to this day.

Under the guise of ” wanting to help the third world ” Nestle pulled off some dumb shit. And seem to be getting away with it.

See, they hired nurses to distribute free baby formula in the third world for as long as it took to ensure that mothers who were milking ran dry.

The baby, and by proxy the mother, became vulnerable and depended on the baby formula.

Now, this being the third world, they couldn’t exactly waltz up to a shop and buy it wholesale, no in reality most of them gave their children ” unquantifiable volumes ” of the formula. Meaning that the mother would scrape together what formula they could afford, and heavily dilute it in water.

Water which , again, this being the third world, wasn’t the cleanest.

Oh and don’t think this was just some men in coats going around to huts telling women to just use Nestle brand shit, no these dorknuts went to hospitals too  In exchange for handing out “discharge packs” of formula, hospitals received freebies like formula and baby bottles:  “The most insidious of these is a free architectural service to hospitals which are building or renovating facilities for newborn care….baby milk companies spend untold millions of dollars subsidising office furnishings, research projects, gifts, conferences, publications and travel junkets of the medical profession.”

Nestle didn’t hold out like a bitch though, they went hard on those exposing their crimes and in 1974, sued and won against a German paper who basically used the headline ” Nestle kills babies “.

Which is true. The W.H.O found that babies who used Nestle’s formula had an infant mortality rate 5-10 times greater than breast fed babies.

5. If you see someone going into mining, tell them not to bother. They’ll only be digging a hole for themselves.

Rio Tinto is widely regarded as having the worst track record for human rights among mining companies. Interestingly enough, its also the biggest private mining company in the world.

Back in the 70’s ( damn, the 70’s were an especially crap time to be a poor exploited worker from the third world ), Rio Tinto bought up the Rossing mine in Namibia, and used the funds to bribe the apartheid government of South Africa, the government of SA would then in return allow Rio Tinto special access in the country to mine for diamonds. 

Read the whole link to be blown away by corporate bullshit.

From straight up shooting random ass natives, to telling miners that poisonous chemicals would cause them ” no harm “, to firing those workers even remotely associated with worker’s unions.

You know, I could leave it at that, but then I’d be forgetting the time They funded a civil war in Papua New Guinea for a mine then reusing to pay for the clean up of said mine.

Or for doing the exact same in Indonesia.

Or for locking out 600 workers in a contract dispute.

Weirdly enough, it’s won some awards for “ethical behaviour “, from an award group that no longer exists. An award that was sponsored by the also-known-for-their-ethical-behaviour Tate and Lyle.

This method of deflecting criticism by way of ” hey we can’t be bad, we just got this boss ass prize for ethics ” is referred to as ” greenwashing. ”

6. As a company, siemens is seminal to the global electronics market.

[EDIT: Editor’s note- ” Are you for fucking real ? “- FB]

They build typical shit you see in your house every day, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, nazi gas chambers and computers.

Yeah, siemens built the chambers at Auschwitz.

They were also heavily involved in slave labour for the death camps.

And that’s not even all, they built the damn Reichsbahn, which transported millions to the death camps.

It’s not like they were simply doing what large multi-million currency generating companies do and simply exploiting the suffering of others. No Siemens funded the Nazis during the 30s.

Weirdly enough, they operated more than 300 companies, most of which used Jewish labour.

What’s in the past is in the past however. These days, they’ve moved on to more modern endeavours like leading a worldwide electronics cartel, paying off government officials, and bribing the entire country of Greece.

7. Ok, ok, so Wal-Mart isn’t exactly a poster-child for workers’ rights. From running sweatshops in China, hiring illegal workers to clean their stores, forcing them to work seven days a week and locking them in the stores at night, and refusing to hire women. 

That last one is actually pretty weird tbh.

At the very least, everyone else on this list at least hired exploited women.

I’ll leave this one here, because let’s face it, you already know wal-mart sucks, without me having to tell you about their Koch brother infused family style attempt to secretly tell you rich people aren’t evil worker exploiting scumbags.

8. Alright, I’m not gonna hold out. Enron is bad.

Like reaaal bad.

Most everything you hear about them is in relation to some dick move they pull whenever it suits them. Newscasters roll their eyes while reading shit like ” Today Enron did some dumb shit that we’re all gonna forget in a few minutes “.

As far back as their conception people knew they were pricks, most didn’t care though.

People really began giving a shit in 2001, when reporters broke out the story that Enron may have caused power outages on purpose in order to hike up prices.

Their CEO dismissed that and people were suspicious but withheld for a while.

Didn’t help much when some tapes leaked of an Enron employee ( beautifully called ‘Richard’ ) calling up power plants and asking them to “get a little creative, and come up with a reason to go down.”.

The power plant employee refuses and slams the phone down. He’s not gonna involve himself in shit like this, especially during the California energy crisis.

Oh wait no, fucker went along with it.

Other tapes made the situation even worse for Enwrong ( I’m rather proud of that one ) which showed En-ron Hubbard employees straight up laughing at Californians, with stuff like ” stealing a million dollars a day “ from a certain Grandma Millie.

What tops this off, is how they talk shit about how TV fucks up the country.

9. United Fruit company, now Chiquita

We really, really, reeeeaaallly shouldn’t have to go into this one.

 Just read it for yourself.

Castro however, gave a big eff you back when he nationalised these scumbags.

I could talk about a whole bunch of other times companies pulled evil shit, like coca cola influencing bars, restaurants and newsagents to stop giving water to customers and sell coke instead ( Not the drug. Coca cola are not that cool ). They even have a dam website for this shit. Which was weird because they sell ” specialised ” bottled water, which in reality is straight up tap water.

Or or how Union Carbide knowingly poisoned hundreds of thousands of people and ended up paying pennies in return, but honestly, I’m tired of reading up on this crap


~ Ryan.

Some random shit they didn’t tell you about Arafat. Also, why the Nobel prize is literal dogshit.

[EDIT: Editor’s note- This has been classified as absolutely fucking random ~ Arri]

Y’all remember when Arafat won the nobel peace prize ?

Course you don’t. Most of you don’t care bout that crap but lemme refresh the memories and explain what went down.

Basically, Yasser Arafat won the nobel peace prize.

Anyways, both sides of the classic political spectrum had some mixed reactions.

The left expressed interest in some circles, but the vast majority showcased apathy, because we don’t give a shit about some neoliberal prize giving ceremony for ” who covered up the horrors of the world the most “.

The right went batshit crazy. Which is relatively normal tbh.

Why is this news and why am I writing about this ?

Well it’s to do with how the media showcased the right’s reaction as the “normal” one.

See, business insider made some articles a while back in regards to the people who won the nobel peace prize who in hindsight, maybe shouldn’t have got one.

They put Arafat as one of them and dang it, the comments justifying it rang louder than a virgin in Newcastle.

One Nobel committee guy resigned, saying: “Arafat is the world’s most prominent terrorist”

Sounds bad amirite ?

‘Cept they didn’t tell you that the guy who resigned, one very Christian Kare Kristiansen, was pretty much up Israel’s ass 24/7.

This guy was even against the disengagement of Israeli troops from Gaza.

Next loser they bring up to justify the inclusion of Arafat in their list was Jay Nordlinger.

For real ? The senior editor of the National fucking Review ?

Who in a times of Israel article, called Arafat ” The worst man to ever win the prize ” ?

That guy ?

I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s for Evangelical reasoning that they do that shit.

The whole ” Christ will come back if Israel is whole, who gives some raw shit from fuck mountain about human rights ”  Thing is rather popular these days.

In reality, Arafat isn’t even the most anti-Jew guy to win the prize.

[That’s if you consider fighting for the liberation of your homeland from occupiers who just happen to be Jews, being anti-Jew]

See, way back in ragtime days of 1939, some failed art student from Austria was invading Poland and shit, and he didn’t exactly like the Jews for “”reasons”” he didn’t really try and hide.

Weirdly enough the story I’m about to tell you actually features prominently on Naziish sites as reasons why the allies were such cunts. And keep in mind most of the articles you see trying to quietly defend far right ideology come from sites with articles like ” 13 REASONS LIBERALISM IS LIKE NAZISM ” unironically  just below articles like ” WHY HITLER WAS SO AMAZING AND WAS FANTASTIC AND HAD A 30 INCH COCK ”

Anyways back in 1939 a ship called the St. Louis set off from Germany with Captain Gustav ” so German it’s not even funny ” Schroder at the helm and a belly full of Jewish refugees, refugees fleeing from said failed art student’s genocidal rampage.

After being denied entry to Cuba at Havana harbor through decree 937,  something supported by Former president and fellow prime feature in the Hall Of Cunts, Grau San Martin, the St. Louis set route for Florida, in hopes that the land of the free would be, yannow ? More free ?

Supreme spoiler alert, it wan’t.

Liberal legend Franklin D. Roosevelt had recently cracked down on immigration (GASP!) restricting it to ” those with the financial means to support themselves. “, which, considering most Jews had all their property confiscated,  somewhat put them in the ‘not that category’ category. As the nazis started invading every country Hitler could glare at but not paint, the American public began to regard Jewish refugees as potential threats to national security.

Sound familiar ?

Roosevelt caved to pressure like a bitch from one Cordell Hull, who rallied Southern Democrats and threatened to remove their support for the president if a certain boatful of refugees fleeing fucking genocide didn’t go away like an annoying stain on a window.

” The St. Louis, denied entry at the port of Miami, turned back for Europe. About a third of its passengers ended up in Great Britain, while the rest were sprinkled throughout Western Europe ”  

Western Europe of course, a prominent safety zone for Jews during the 1940’s.

By June of 1940, FDR went full Trump: “Now, of course, the refugee has got to be checked because, unfortunately, among the refugees there are some spies, as has been found in other countries. And not all of them are voluntary spies — it is rather a horrible story but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially Jewish refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies.”

Was he right ?

Of course he was.

In 1942, the US convicted Herbert Karl Freidrich Bahr of posing as a Jewish refugee to spy for the Nazis

This was The single known instance of something like this.

Of the 937 passengers aboard the St. Louis, 254 perished in the Holocaust.

In 1945, Cordell Hull was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

We’ll just leave you with that.

~ Ryan.

I read that dumbass Friedman article so you wouldn’t have to.

What is it with people named Friedman and being complete lunatics ?

In a piece which should shock absolutely no one, Thomas ” Everything will work out in the next 6 months, believe me ” Friedman supported, approved and advocated bombing innocent civilians.

It’s not the first, second, third, or even fourth time he’s done this.

In between telling millions of dead Iraqis to ” suck on this ” of course.

This dude was pushing Trump to let ISIS grow in Syria and propagate sectarian violence, but then weirdly enough decided sectarianism was bad when it happened with white people.

As a side note, take a look at this dork shit he wrote on the Iraq war when he realised that shit wasn’t going to plan, and that illegally invading a country, killing and torturing hundreds of thousands of it’s people might not have been the best move.

“everyone loves seeing us tied down here” — stuck in the “madness that is Iraq.”

Sure bout that Tom ?  Are you reeeeallly sure  ?

I remember when you were spouting gibberish like “this war is the most important liberal, revolutionary U.S. democracy-building project since the Marshall Plan.”  and praising this bs as “one of the noblest things this country has ever attempted abroad.” ?

Don’t tell me you forgot already ?

And to top it off, his almost completely one sided BDSM style affair with the Saudis is kinda cringey to watch. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that the New York times and centrists in general love Saudi Arabia, weirdly calling them “reformers” many times over the years. With our boi Friedman being the latest in a long line of Wahhabi boot lickers.

Admittedly, I didn’t expect much from a guy who says shit like “No two countries that both had McDonald’s had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald’s ” without the slightest bit of irony.

At which point, you’d just go What a Panamaniac. This fuck should just Kargil himselfIs he Russian to be called out on his bs ? 

[EDIT: Note from editor-Remove these puns or I swear to God……~FB]

Anyways, like G-Eazy, he was back on his bullshit again, with yet another article on how killing innocents and deliberately targeting civilians is a good idea.

” Israel’s Air Force — without mercy or restraint — pounded Lebanese infrastructure, Hezbollah offices and military targets in the southern suburbs of Beirut — not to kill civilians but not to be deterred by them, either ”

This just isn’t true.

What, don’t believe me ? Ask the Goddamn IDF.

“[This will] happen in every village from which shots were fired in the direction of Israel. We will wield disproportionate power against [them] and cause immense damage and destruction. From our perspective, these are military bases. […] This isn’t a suggestion. It’s a plan that has already been authorized. […] Harming the population is the only means of restraining Nasrallah.”

Israel has a long history of purposefully targeting civilians, and Friedman not only knows it, but celebrates it.

In what can be described as either a stroke of unknown genius, or a stroke in general, Friedman closes off, saying ” This is not Scandinavia “.

Thanks for clearing that one up Tom.

~ Arri.


Israelis sue New Zealanders for convincing Lorde not to perform in Israel.

Yikes folks.


In a not-so-recent turn of events, some losers from the ” only democracy in the middle east ” decided to sue two New Zealanders who sent the singer Lorde a letter asking her to not perform in Israel, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


By doing so, Lorde broke an Israeli law passed in 2011, in particular the one outlawing BDS.

Now, I’m no expert ( weird, I know ), but I don’t think it’s really possible to sue someone several thousand miles away for breaking a law in your country, when they’ve never been there and didn’t actually do anything.

According to the president of the group responsible for the suing, a Mrs. Darshan-Leitner, anyone can be sued under the law, regardless of their nationality, and she personally hopes legal agreements between Israel and New Zealand will help enforce any court ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.


Good fucking luck with that.

One of the people getting sued responded to it as it should be responded to on twitter

Let’s gloss over the people doing the suing.

Dashan-Leitner runs a group called Shurat HaDin, which claims to be a civil rights organisation.

In reality, it’s a front for the Mossad 

In a classified cable from wikileaks, she told US embassy staff that the group “took direction” from Israeli spy agencies, including Mossad.

Soon after the group’s foundation, she told Reuters, “she was invited to Mossad headquarters for a consultation.”

In the 2007 cable, it is noted that Shurat HaDin “continues to receive evidence and witnesses from Israeli intelligence.”

Civil rights group Palestine Legal showed in a 2015 report that Shurat HaDin “threatened or initiated legal action against several organizations that have contemplated or passed BDS initiatives, including the Presbyterian Church (USA), the ASA [American Studies Association] and the Park Slope Food Coop.”

The report also details how Shurat HaDin in 2011 sued former US President Jimmy Carter for $5 million after he published his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

The group also stopped a 2011 boat of activists headed for Gaza to break the Israeli siege by filing an anonymous legal complaint which alleged the vessel was not seaworthy.

Sources: @ElectronicIntifada.


~ Arri.


Welcome to LeftCentral.

An opening.

This is not a centrist page.

Let’s get that over with.

Sure, it’s got central in the name, but that’s pertaining to the attempt by us to make this newly created blog the central place for left wing ideological thought, news, discussion and discourse.

We probably won’t make it that far, but hey, let’s give it a fucking shot !

We’re a group of four leftists, Ryan AKA “XIlse”, A guy with some pretty awesome hair and a degree in Islamic studies for no real calculable reason. He’s not even a Muslim. His likes include reading, writing and breathing on the occasion.

In his spare time, he likes to dream about what it’s like having a vagina so he could give birth to Marx’s children.

Then, there’s Arri, AKA, Arri., who, in a surprising twist, is named Arri in real life.

Arri’s into movies, his favourite being ” For a few dollars more “, which he remade in college with some friends, adjusting for inflation to ” For A Few Cents More “.

You’ll learn to love him really.

Our dog, who sure technically doesn’t count as a human, but fuck you for ruining his dreams. His name’s Maple, although we’re kicking ourselves for not choosing Karl Barx or anything like that.

And finally, there’s FB.

Fuck that guy.

We’ll be bringing you the hottest leftist shit on the block.

Filled with action !!! Adventure !!! Romance ( not really ).

If you’re a conservative/nazi/right-winger/alt-whatever/ginger, then GTFO.

Feel more than free to comment your thoughts and stuff like that.

In any other case, whatever.


~ Xilse, Arri, FB.