Neoliberalism vs reality.

[EDIT: Editor’s note – ” We have decided to allow two comrades, one from Brazil and one from the UK, to write this piece about their respective expertise, with an intro by Ryan. Welcome Paulo, and Martin ! Their writing style differs from ours. We’re usually tongue in cheek and make really shitty puns to spice shit up. Paulo does that but very little. And Martin is a very serious guy, so don’t be miffed by the differing writing attitudes presented here. Everything here is serious. Promise”  – FB]


We really can’t hate Neoliberalism enough.

Sure with Naziism, you get the whole racism/anti-religion/authoritarian/exploitation thing, but they’re pretty open about it. Neoliberals are somewhat mute about their ideology. Keep your enemies close but keep your other enemies as close.

The brainchild (read:brainfart) of Alexander Rüstow in 1938, this living embodiment of absolute stupidity has it’s own prophets of doom and gloom and proud fathers of global misery. People still push this shit forward as an actual system under which people can thrive.

Lemme just start this off easily.

The shit don’t work.

Even the Goddamn IMF knows it don’t work

Also as a side note, you might have noticed people pushing geopolitical figures as neoliberals when they clearly fucking aren’t. It’s small and rather unnecessary, but really fucking annoying

From Deng ” Xiao me the money ” Xiaoping to even Rosa Luxemburg and Foucault. Just pisses me off is all.

I’d also like to point out just as another side note, that the German Neoliberal party tried to attack Marx but it backfired on them rather humorously. Haha fuck them.

Now I could go on a whole tirade about the ethical and dialectical aspects of slow privatisation of the economy and the unfettered free market, but neoliberals consider themselves beyond that.

Really, the only way to check the current status of the system is to see how its biggest practitioners are still holding up.

~ Ryan

  1. Brazil is currently ruled with an iron fist by despotic US shill under the administration of Michel Temer. He was basically given the post after the rather sketchy impeachment of Dilma Roussef, I won’t discuss the details here, but will make another post on it later. He’s now scheduled to run the rest of her term, ending in 2019.

This dude is a class traitor beyond all things. He was helping Lula, the leftist leader of Brazil up until Lula left office, but was biding his time to secretly latch out and leech the blood from the ruling worker’s party.

Temer’s party, the PMDB, became the national symbol of centrism in Brazil, from reaching out to the leftists and forming alliances with right wingers.

In the days leading up to the impeachment vote on Dilma Roussef, Temer sent his buddies a whatsapp message with the speech he was preparing for his power grab. 

Despite this being literal proof of a coup being planned, Temer denied it and huddled away like a snake.

Later on, wikileaks released cables showing that Temer was working as an informant for the US government.

Later, leaked audio showed him practising his victory speech. Before any real proceedings had taken place against Roussef.

What I’m trying to say is, the guy basically got into power by planning a very clever coup.

Which made for fun times as he was later banned from the 2018 elections and office altogether for 8 years.

In this guy’s very first speech, he spewed shit about the ” benefits ” of opening up Brazil’s economy, and reversing many of the social programmes that Roussef’s government had planned out. Investors and big business men loved it.

Workers, not so much.

In 2016, deputies amended the constitution. Leaving it viable for change.

Change which Temer approved with what I’m assuming is glee.

Public spending was capped for 20 years.

Later on, one of his ministers resigned, showing evidence that Temer had basically pressured him to help a big businessman secure a deal involving a plot of land that was protected by heritage laws.

Temer denied it.

And in what I hope should be an unsurprising twist, He later admitted it.

Later on, Odebrecht, literal scum of the earth in my opinion, for their vast involvement in bribing government officials and interfering in leftist latin American Governments such as Bolivia and Venezuela, admitted bribing Temer.

Later on, Temer decided he didn’t like the modest house he had been living in ( This is a joke, his house was less than modest, considering it was the presidential palace. ), and move to the vice presidential palace. His reason being he couldn’t sleep in the ample rooms and, in something that confirmed his vicious drug abuse (Disclaimer: I can neither confirm nor deny that Michel Temer is on drugs, although you’d have to be high to think his policies work ), blamed Ghosts for scaring him away.

Workers and trade unions decided shit went too far and went on strike in the general cities, mainly in opposition to Temer’s policies with regards to pension and labor reform.

You would think he’d be more careful and stop making mis-steaks, but Temer proved once again that he’s a complete sausage and among the wurst politicians today when he butchered yet another hearing into alleged bribes by a business man who specialised in meats. The steaks were too high for that one.

Workers were pissed, and set fire to ministerial buildings in clashes that resulted in Temer deploying troops.

This of course resulted in police shooting protestors.

Weirdly enough the US didn’t condemn it or place sanctions on Brazil or Temer. 

Of course, Temer refused to resign.

This in turn made the clashes worse and pushed Brazil further into recession amid it’s worst crisis in recent years,

Later on, in what must have you screaming ” fuck sake you stupid cunt, how hard is it not to accept bribes “??!?!?, Temer admitted he had accepted bribes. Except this time he went to the supreme court for it.

Neoliberals push Temer as the saviour of Brazil, but do not understand that we in Brazil don’t like Temer.

In fact, polls have his approval rate as low as 7%, the lowest in 30 years.

A more believable one is the one released some time after the one above, which puts him at 2%.

And 81% of Brazilians favour impeachment for his removal.

And it’s not really just the actions above that have put him that situation. It’s his attitude.

He doesn’t care about anything as long as he, or his masters can make a profit off it.


He was more than prepared to ruin the Amazon forest to make way for industry.

I hope I do not have to elaborate on the impact of this.

This was so unpopular that it was thankfully later revoked.

~ Paulo.


2. You no doubt have some knowledge about the current crisis facing Britain’s National Health Service. The president of the United States himself has spoken of the ills that plague our healthcare system, albeit through an attempt to attack social healthcare.

The leader of her majesty’s opposition, perhaps the only sane man in British politics, struck back furiously.

Our NHS is a beautiful thing. Every man, woman and child can now avail of healthcare free to the point of use.

This stems from the core principles at the founding of the National Health Service by the Labour government in 1948. In practice, “free at the point of use” normally means that anyone legitimately fully registered with the system (i.e. in possession of an NHS number), available to legal UK residents regardless of nationality (but not non-resident British citizens), can access the full breadth of critical and non-critical medical care, without payment except for some specific NHS services, for example eye tests, dental care, prescriptions, and aspects of long-term care. These charges are usually lower than equivalent services provided by a private provider, and, most beautifully, many are free to vulnerable or low-income patients.

” The NHS was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. At its launch by the then minister of health, Aneurin Bevan, on 5 July 1948, it had at its heart three core principles:

  • That it meet the needs of everyone
  • That it be free at the point of delivery
  • That it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay “

Thatcher said ” The NHS is safe in our hands “

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that not only is that bs, but it’s not even remotely true in any sense of the word.

In 2011 the Conservative government led by the neoliberal David Cameron signed off on the 10-year contract to manage the debt-laden Hinchingbrooke Hospital in HuntingdonCambridgeshire by Circle Healthcare.

It was the first time that management of an NHS hospital was to be taken over by a stock-market listed company

Throughout the 8 years of neoliberal bollocks under the tories, our NHS has been shuttered, privately sold off, staff laid off, staff forced to work outrageous hours and under humiliating schedules, under staffed, and heavily underfunded.

This is in tune with the general status of the tory party as malicious selfish wankers.

[EDIT 2: Editor’s note – ” For legal reasons, this is not the general status of the Tory party. We’re not saying you should call them that, we’re saying you can call them that ” – FB]

Whilst plowing through public money to prop themselves under a weak and unstable government via a union with terrorists, they seem to run out when it comes to the NHS.

I must add that other systems in the UK have suffered under the neoliberal policies of the tories ( case in point, a homeless man dying just outside parliament ) but the NHS is a special case, one which I have chosen to concentrate on, mainly due to the fact that so many people rely on it and the vast majority of people wish that it remains in public hands. Even Tory voters are polled with this result.

Due to the neoliberal policies of the tory government, 120,000 people have died due to cuts to public and social spending.

2015 saw rising mortality rates for all ages but especially the elderly. There are an additional 39,074 deaths compared to the year before

58% of Maternity Units have had to temporarily shut their doors to mothers in labour since 2011, and the number of Maternity Unit closures has increased by 41% in two years.

For many patients, a free at the point of use NHS no longer exists. This is because rationing in our NHS has increased substantially under the tory government.

Ambulance services are now losing 500,000 hours a year due to Ambulances backed up outside A&Es

IVF treatment has been rationed under the Tories, with 80% of CCGs now refusing to fund the 3 cycles of IVF that NICE recommends

Hip & Knee Surgery is now being denied to patients who smoke or are obese in over1/3 of Clinical Commissioning Groups. A total betrayal of the people and our NHS’s core principles. In addition, CCGs have begun to restrict free hearing aids on the NHS for those suffering hearing loss

One must look at the rational reason for this. What is the origin for such travesties ?

The answer lies in The Tory Government’s subtle yet in your fcae attempt to privatise the NHS. In other words, to make it a for profit system. In such a system, there is no room for ethical human conduct, or empathy for the poor and needy. Such things merely attest against the vacuous system that is neoliberalism.

The Tory government has no interest in worker rights. It’s history is riddled with false promises and despicable acts against the working class. It has the preposterous honour of defending the exploitations of the common man for the benefit of rich elite oligarchs.

With the revelation that the tories seek to reduce worker’s rights in order to maximise profits post brexit, one can only wonder what else they have in mind.

NHS spending under the Tories, since 2010, has grown 68% slower that the NHS’s
average spending settlement since 1955. No government has invested less additional cash in real terms in our NHS than post-2010
Two thirds of NHS Trusts & NHS Foundation Trusts are now in deficit, and the total deficit for NHS Trusts has tripled in one year, and is vastly growing, considering these figures are ageing.
We are now currently in the midst of a GP recruitment crisis. Understandable, as no one wishes to suffer through exploitative labour under the hands of a tory government.
GP practices have fallen by 889 since 2010. The year the Tories came to power following the fall of the equally neoliberal new labour.
But what of the subtle privatisation I mentioned several times ?
Worry not, there is ample evidence of that as well.
The government deny NHS privatisation is taking place but research shows upwards of a third of NHS contracts are awarded to the private sector
The NHS has closed maternity wards and A&E wards at a time when both services are struggling.
UK judges and Official statisticians have rebuked the health minister and the Tories on several occasions for acting illegally or dishonestly
These and many other failings can be found in the magnificent report by the utterly brilliant Eoin Clarke.
~ Martin Duggan.

[EDIT 3: Editor’s note – ” With thanks to Paulo and Martin ! ” – FB]

[EDIT 4: Editor’s note – ” Oh yeah, and Ryan too while we’re at it ” – FB]




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