Welcome to LeftCentral.

An opening.

This is not a centrist page.

Let’s get that over with.

Sure, it’s got central in the name, but that’s pertaining to the attempt by us to make this newly created blog the central place for left wing ideological thought, news, discussion and discourse.

We probably won’t make it that far, but hey, let’s give it a fucking shot !

We’re a group of four leftists, Ryan AKA “XIlse”, A guy with some pretty awesome hair and a degree in Islamic studies for no real calculable reason. He’s not even a Muslim. His likes include reading, writing and breathing on the occasion.

In his spare time, he likes to dream about what it’s like having a vagina so he could give birth to Marx’s children.

Then, there’s Arri, AKA, Arri., who, in a surprising twist, is named Arri in real life.

Arri’s into movies, his favourite being ” For a few dollars more “, which he remade in college with some friends, adjusting for inflation to ” For A Few Cents More “.

You’ll learn to love him really.

Our dog, who sure technically doesn’t count as a human, but fuck you for ruining his dreams. His name’s Maple, although we’re kicking ourselves for not choosing Karl Barx or anything like that.

And finally, there’s FB.

Fuck that guy.

We’ll be bringing you the hottest leftist shit on the block.

Filled with action !!! Adventure !!! Romance ( not really ).

If you’re a conservative/nazi/right-winger/alt-whatever/ginger, then GTFO.

Feel more than free to comment your thoughts and stuff like that.

In any other case, whatever.


~ Xilse, Arri, FB.

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