I read that dumbass Friedman article so you wouldn’t have to.

What is it with people named Friedman and being complete lunatics ?

In a piece which should shock absolutely no one, Thomas ” Everything will work out in the next 6 months, believe me ” Friedman supported, approved and advocated bombing innocent civilians.

It’s not the first, second, third, or even fourth time he’s done this.

In between telling millions of dead Iraqis to ” suck on this ” of course.

This dude was pushing Trump to let ISIS grow in Syria and propagate sectarian violence, but then weirdly enough decided sectarianism was bad when it happened with white people.

As a side note, take a look at this dork shit he wrote on the Iraq war when he realised that shit wasn’t going to plan, and that illegally invading a country, killing and torturing hundreds of thousands of it’s people might not have been the best move.

“everyone loves seeing us tied down here” — stuck in the “madness that is Iraq.”

Sure bout that Tom ?  Are you reeeeallly sure  ?

I remember when you were spouting gibberish like “this war is the most important liberal, revolutionary U.S. democracy-building project since the Marshall Plan.”  and praising this bs as “one of the noblest things this country has ever attempted abroad.” ?

Don’t tell me you forgot already ?

And to top it off, his almost completely one sided BDSM style affair with the Saudis is kinda cringey to watch. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that the New York times and centrists in general love Saudi Arabia, weirdly calling them “reformers” many times over the years. With our boi Friedman being the latest in a long line of Wahhabi boot lickers.

Admittedly, I didn’t expect much from a guy who says shit like “No two countries that both had McDonald’s had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald’s ” without the slightest bit of irony.

At which point, you’d just go What a Panamaniac. This fuck should just Kargil himselfIs he Russian to be called out on his bs ? 

[EDIT: Note from editor-Remove these puns or I swear to God……~FB]

Anyways, like G-Eazy, he was back on his bullshit again, with yet another article on how killing innocents and deliberately targeting civilians is a good idea.

” Israel’s Air Force — without mercy or restraint — pounded Lebanese infrastructure, Hezbollah offices and military targets in the southern suburbs of Beirut — not to kill civilians but not to be deterred by them, either ”

This just isn’t true.

What, don’t believe me ? Ask the Goddamn IDF.

“[This will] happen in every village from which shots were fired in the direction of Israel. We will wield disproportionate power against [them] and cause immense damage and destruction. From our perspective, these are military bases. […] This isn’t a suggestion. It’s a plan that has already been authorized. […] Harming the population is the only means of restraining Nasrallah.”

Israel has a long history of purposefully targeting civilians, and Friedman not only knows it, but celebrates it.

In what can be described as either a stroke of unknown genius, or a stroke in general, Friedman closes off, saying ” This is not Scandinavia “.

Thanks for clearing that one up Tom.

~ Arri.


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