So…About our silence.

We haven’t updated for several months.

Our deepest apologies. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back. This site is not dead.

Why we haven’t updated, and what’s coming up:

Why We haven’t updated:

FB – Personal reasons. There was a mass change in the socio-political climate in my country. My parents were holed up in their home for days at one point. This change I’m referring to spaces out over the course of 4 months. While the more serious events took place later on during this change. Unfortunately, I was too busy coordinating with family and friends to actually update.

Ryan – I actually forgot this site existed lol

Arri – I received no updates from Comrades FB and Ryan on further articles and if they needed my help. I actually moved to South Korea for 3 months as part of a pet project of mine, and so we had very little if any contact.

We regret to announce the sad neutering of Karl Barx. We have gotten a new site mascot, capable of seizing his means of reproduction, Fredrick Beagles.

What’s coming up:

1 – An article on the misinformation storm surrounding Jeremy Corbyn.

2 – An article on North Korea. It’s history, misconceptions, western propaganda, and other information.

3 – An article on Venezuela, with the same layout as the one above.

4 – An article on the Rohingya crisis.

5 – An article on the Kashmir crisis

6 – An article on Bolivia.

And finally, a change to the site. Effective the start of January 2020, we will be issuing a “This Week In Capitalism” section, outlining the events and changes to global society as a direct result of the capitalist tendency of the BG.


Sorry for not updating.


Best regards and see you soon


-The boiiiis.

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