Corrupt Spanish loser ousted, replaced by corrupt Spanish loser.

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Too bad, cause we’re not in this one. Actually, we’re still pretty busy. So we called up a Spanish comrade ( Franciso Jiminez ) to do a short write up on the Spanish President thing and what that means for leftism in the country. We’re busy with a few articles and personal shit. Quick note, Francisco isn’t a 100% fluent English speaker, so we’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase a lot of what he says. Enjoy ! 

~ Arri.

Spain is currently undergoing a minor national schism. Mariano Rajoy, the man responsible for the horrific and criminal undertakings during the Catalonian referendum epoch, has just been removed from office in a vote of no-confidence. 

This follows a court case where it was found out that his party, the PP, was involved in a serious amount of corruption (and still is as many other parties to be fair). Last week a statement from the judges declared that the PP took a profit-based corruption network.

Using this, the PSOE, the major opposition party within Spain openly stated their desire to have Rajoy removed from office. 

Then the vote was cast.

Then something remarkable happened. All opposition parties, from Basque and Catalonian nationalists to PODEMOS, combined into one voting bloc and voted together to make Pedro Sanchez of the larger opposition party PSOE the new president, all in order to vote out Rajoy.

Now the people of Spain can look forward to at least some minor corrections to their livelihoods


– The repealing of the Gag law, which allowed the government to ban protests and jail protestors, fines for photographing police, social media activism, trying to stop an eviction, smoking weed, and, bizarrely, leaving furniture in the street.

 – The repealing of the sun tax, a tax on solar energy, making it almost impossible to make a transition to renewable energies. Interestingly, this law was put in place to favour the business of Endesa and Iberdrola, the two major Spanish electric corporations. Aznar, former PM with the conservative  PP, the party just voted out of office, is in the board of Endesa and they asked for the law to be set in place. 

 – The repealing of the national TV management rule. The Previous government by Zapatero decided that TVE, a Spanish broadcasting corporation with huge ties to the established classes, should stop being a gov propaganda station so he passed a law to ensure that the Management of RTVE (public TV and radio) would be decided by 2/3 of the Parliament. During those years the news in TVE got very impartial and won several awards, like best TV news program in the world. When Rajoy’s PP got a majority in 2011, one of the first things they did was repeal the law, and then changed the Management of RTVE to close associates. They began staffing the station with party veterans and firing journalists critical of them. Since then it went from somewhat great quality to absolute propaganda garbage. The fall in the share of audience numbers has reflected it, from being one of the top TV channels to being far behind the private ones. The director from RTVE appears in the papers they found for PP’s corruption. He even admited it with pride.

Rajoy himself did not take part in the vote, as he had gone for an 8-hour lunch, which consisted of, get this, 2 fucking bottles of whiskey.

Paid for by his PM card of course.

All this now means is that Rajoy has been booted out of office, and his replacement has been chosen by the grand coalition.

It’s Pedro Sanchez.

[Edit: Editor’s Note: ” We at LeftCentralCom are happy about this, mainly because Pedro Sanchez is just easier to pronounce than Mariano Rajoy ” ~ Arri]

This is nothing to be spectacularly happy about but also not something to be spectacularly sad about either.

Not happy because Sanchez is just as corrupt if not more than Rajoy.

Not sad because it was leftists parties; Catalonian nationalists, and PODEMOS who hold his grip on power by a thread.

They have stated that if Sanchez tries to push in any legislation they disagree with, they woudl actively oppose it and remind him in whose hands his political life is held.

Sanchez is bad news for leftism in Spain because he is a nazi like figure. And I don’t mean that in regards to any specific political views he holds. But because of his use of terminology.

Like Hitler, he uses the term socialist to draw support from the working class and to divide the true socialist vote.

When in fact, he is neither socialist nor leftist.

He, in fact, supported Rajoy in his handling of the Catalonian independence referendum and the constitutional crisis that came after it.

He actively ran against leftist members in his party and was very critical of their policies. 

We can only hope that PODEMOS, a soc-dem party, can garner greater voter intention in the coming time.

But I do have some praise for him in that, he encouraged workers to join labour unions and extended the welfare state.

Hopefully, it will not be all bad.

~  Francisco.

[” Thanks to Francisco for an enlightening piece ” ~ Arri]

[” Is Francisco a soc-dem or what? Does he want the communists in power or not? He supports PODEMOS, but those guys are liberals ”  ~ Ryan]

[” Francisco is of the opinion that a slow shift to the left is necessary rather than a violent tug. With PODEMOS in power, the public will then be given a chance to ascertain the socialist and communist platform. ” ~ FB]


~ Arri, Francisco Jiminez.


All rights reserved ( for the Gulag ).




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